Happy St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is everyone’s favorite fake holiday. Not only is it a reason to make a blog post, but it’s also an excuse to get shitfaced drunk and dye everything green. Green is a color that brings a lot of good vibes. Money is green. Cannabis is green. The Hulk is green. The signal for “Go” is green. Grass is green.

Of course, they say in Ireland people were so hungry during the potato famine they were literally eating grass, the green dyeing their teeth as they collapsed from starvation. So yeah. It’s not a perfect color. Still, a net positive for green when you factor in the money and the drugs. 

You know what else is green? Many parts of Valenwood, I imagine. So in honor of that, I think this week I’ll be working on some new stuff for Daenlyn, and maybe let you meet one of his old friends.

No, not you Serana. A mentally ill vampire is more of a Halloween thing.


2 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Stamina poisons/potions and Spriggans are also green. Orcs are green. Maybe they eat enough grass to turn them that colour.
    Pretty happy at this prospect, meeting characters from another character’s history is always nice, unless you’re speaking sarcastically about the Thalmor that arrested him.

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