Trailers and Teasers – Jerulith

Like many of the older NPCs, I’ve been wanting to re-work Jerulith for some time. Given they populate the towns, the old NPCs are often the first ones you meet, so it’s important that little things like the mispronunciation of Justiciar (this wouldn’t have been a problem if Samara wasn’t so damn sexy) and the American accent don’t create a negative first impression of the mod’s quality.

Still, most of this is so minor it isn’t worth remaking the character from scratch. However, it wasn’t until I wanted to make a quest and actor availability became an issue that I decided to go ahead and make a change. This decision was made all the more easier by Jessica Osborne being awesome to the max.


Ah yeah. That’s me, pushing the buttons with the evil grin and doing the safety dance. Just come along for the ride, gentle Frys, and we’ll all be richer for it.

This week’s update will feature the new and I think improved Jerulith, who is still her angry old self, but more refined and world-weary, which better suits the quiet atmosphere of Falkreath.



6 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Jerulith

  1. The sheer level of quality this mod’s voice acting has is one of the reasons it’s one of the best TES mods out there. While other TES mods have good voice acting, the voice acting in this mod is very well done. I’m kind of hoping that maybe some of the voice actors will be officially in TESVI lol.

    Back on the more immediate topic of this teaser, I think Jerulith‘s past voice actor was good as well. Though I do think this voice actor really does sound more like a sinister Thalmor then the last one.

    1. Yes, old Jerulith was fun in a cartoonish, over the top way. But that was never really the intent. Now she’s still dangerous, but serious and world-weary, which blends in much better with Falkreath’s overall tone. Plus now you’ll be getting more content and very soon I think. It’s going to be awesome.

  2. I absorb this news with mixed feelings. On the one hand I’ve already acknowledged the quality of Jessica’s VAing in the 3.05 release comments, while on the gripping hand I think that Marcy Edwards has a bloody sexy voice. It would be a shame to lose ALL of here recordings, albeit that they pretty much all suffer from – shall we say – somewhat lower recording quality.

    The ideal solution would be to have Marcy re-record the audio that you are not happy with … but I’m guessing that might not be an option.

    1. yeah, re-casting is always a last resort. but like many of the others, i think it’s a blessing in disguise. Jessica’s voice is more Thalmor-ish, and I get to add as much dialogue as I want without having to worry about whether it will get recorded. And as I stated there are of course other niggling issues that need to be addressed which are mostly my fault, but need to be fixed nonetheless.

      Marcy does have a sexy voice and is perfect for Jolene. I’d never change that. So any hopes of adding more dialogue to her you can pretty much forget about it.

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