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Rosequest_by_numerikuI decided to take a moment from scratching myself to do a little blog maintenance. For a while mod users like numeriku have been adding images like the one above to Nexus, and I figured at some point I should look into creating a user gallery here. Coding isn’t something I’m familiar with, so mostly I have to make use of whatever widgets the smart folks at WordPress have provided.

And they do provide. The music player is just one of the countless handy widgets available, and they’re constantly being updated and improved. However, what we needed now was a slideshow function, so I was pretty pumped up to see an actual functioning carousel, with titles, captions, user comments and reblog options already built in. This is precisely what the masses have been clamoring for, and it was there the whole fucking time.

Well, not exactly. It didn’t take long for me to realize after the eighth or so image showed up in the sidebar—>, the older thumbnails weren’t being hidden. They were being stacked. Happy face turned to sad face.

113Well, that’s not quite the sad face I was going for, House.


Okay, that’s better. I have a fairly good connection, and it was struggling to load the front page. That is as the teenagers say, “no bueno.” I don’t know if teenagers actually say that but it sounds like a cheerleader would. Anyhow, for now I’ve posted a few images as an example, and posted on the WordPress forums to complain.

Hopefully there’s a way to do this that I’m just not seeing, or Batman is going to drown in his own tears. You wouldn’t do that to Batman, would you, WordPress?



7 thoughts on “News, Notes, and Carousels

  1. Glad you liked the screenshots! I’ve been meaning to put more up on the Nexus, I have a mountain of them to sort through.

    P.S: Sorry for some of the doubles, the Nexus lagged one night upon uploading.

      1. I have waaaaay too many to list on here, though i was thinking of posting it on my Nexus page if able. For now i’ll list what you can see!

        I’m using the Realvision ENB – Option A, along with all the graphic mods listed.

        Immersive Settlements

        NPC retextures:
        AOF Believable Hair
        XCE – Xenius Character Enhancement
        Ethereal Elven Overhaul

        For weapons and armor =
        Dual Sheath Redux
        Better Shaped Weapons *with scabbards installed*
        Immersive Armors
        aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Weapons/Armors

      2. Forgot to add, the armours and weapons are just better retextured and shaped versions of the Steel Plated armour and sword :)

        1. I use RealVision EBN too, but it’s Option B FULL and all recommended graphic mods there listed. But I didn’t know neither AOF Beilevable Hair nor Better Shaped Weapons. I think I’ll give these mods a try.
          BTW, I do also use aMidianBorn’s mods and Immersive Armors/Weapons. And how about this better shaped version of armour and sword, do they come from hat mod?

    1. aMidianBorn’s mod takes care of the armor and retextures both armor and weapons, as for Better Shaped Weapons it’s by another author named LeanWolf reshapes weapons. Read the Options on the mod page when installing since you will need to overwrite some files from other mods :)

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