Fan Art – Rumarin, Amalee, Anum-La and Zora by Moki


Okay, that’s enough administrative nonsense for one lifetime. It’s time to christen this new website with some fan art. Found this splash of goodness on Tumblr, courtesy of Moki.

Drew my Half elf (YgNord) in Skyrim, and a few of my favorite NPCs from 3DNPC ahhhh ; Q; I tried really hard on Anum-La but she came out reaally poopie OTL I’m so sorry.

There’s nothing to be sorry about really. I love these alternative art styles, it’s like I’m really playing Final Fantasy Tactics, lining Anum-La and Zora on adjacent tiles and keeping Rumarin and Amalee as support. That horde of pesky goblins doesn’t stand a chance.


Zora’s so cute ahhhhh I only met her by chance when travelling around Riverwood that I wandered into Brittleshin Pass, she scared me when I walked near the cage since I had RLO and could not see well in caves.

If only I could see the world the way Moki draws it, life would be a much softer and more comfy place.


7 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin, Amalee, Anum-La and Zora by Moki

  1. Not saying I want some fanart of one of my characters, but I mean, if I was saying that, I’d say I want it. . . pretty simple.

        1. Ironically, that’s actually the attitude you have to have, because those who do it for fame never manage to get it.

          I started out doing it all for the groupies but sadly I have none to speak of.

          1. Well I’ve looked at the comments of the videos.
            We both have some groupies. (;
            We’re both just too modest to admit it. Mhmm.
            That’s it.

            . . . Praise me.

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