I hinted before that I was going to do a SIMS version of a few NPCs, but someone already beat me to it, thank god. You see, earlier today I checked Auriel’s fan site on Tumblr and found this GLORIOUS set of pictures from Courtney in Florida.

Courtney in Florida sounds like a long time listener, first time caller but rest assured this is the kind of stuff legends are made of. Just like in the mod, she’s got Rumarin decked out in a knockoff blue hoodie with stripes of red makeup, er, war paint on his cheeks. As far as I’m concerned anything that happens in this world is totally canon.

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5 thoughts on “SkySims

  1. Oh wow, I can’t believe you actually saw this !!! Haha thank you so much for liking my sims version of Rumarin! He’s my favorite interesting npc and I was bored one day and decided to try remaking him and my bosmer Thyme in the Sims 3. :)

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