3DNPC v3.06.3

This is the third of ten updates until the release of version 3.07. Included is a brand new quest which starts in the back room of Radiant Raiment. It’s a fairly brief, miscellaneous quest, but given it’s location, it’s best done during business hours.

Breaking and entering won’t break the quest, but it might make things weird if guards are arresting you while Halcar is explaining his predicament.

On another note, one of the larger quests I’m working on is almost complete, it’s about 80% voiced so it should make it by the Nexus release.

3DNPC v3.06.3 (83MB)

New Quests
A Thousand Words

New NPCs
Amras (Patric M. Whitstone)
• Halcar (Matthew Dixon)
Ester (Alice Bell)
• Primei (Jessica Osborne)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Callen (Viridiane) – Remaining 20%

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.06
• Fixed instance where Marla was disabled if player returned to Jilkmar first
• Fixed instance where arriving on a day other than Morndas started Fenced In but left Swims-In-Wind disabled
• Altered prerequisites so Rose Without Thorns can be started without progressing in the main quest
• Minor typo and sound file fixes


7 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.06.3

  1. Haaaaaaaa, 3.03.3! It’s funny because it’s so many threes! Wooooo…

    On a serious note, looking forward to this new little quest that may involve paintings.

  2. Not really sure where to mention this, but the RSS feed seems to be broken. At least in Feedly, anyway. I haven’t gotten an update since mid-April.

  3. I just notice the NPC are now having a grey head :c
    I don’t think it happend before…

    Oh well… Thank for the lovely update :D

  4. Wait, so does this include the Hearthfire Patch as well?

    Edit: Wait, nevermind, stupid me figured it out, just contains some files, for it, not the patch itself. :)

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