Open NAT – Episode 1: Just a Small Town Girl

It’s Wednesday, which means a new podcast for the three or fourĀ of you who enjoy them. This is the first episode of Open News and Talk, or Open NAT, hosted by Will Handford and Ronja Monto.

This show will tackle on news and controversial topics in video games, but the hope is to do it in a way that will be funny and entertaining even if you disagree with the things being said. Given Ronja’s passion for social issues and Will’s offbeat humor, pairing them was an easy choice.

In short, I think they’re both awesome, and awesome together.

For listeners on the go, here’s the downloadable track:


Now if I can just figure out why Youtube is being a dick right now. I just want to change the thumbnail, damnit.


3 thoughts on “Open NAT – Episode 1: Just a Small Town Girl

  1. Very nice, I really enjoyed this one. You two sound great together. Not sure how related or not-related this is, but one thing that came to mind as I was listening, about guys and gals gaming: what about all those guys who like to play as female characters? I don’t know how many are out there percentage-wise but I’ve personally talked to several guys like that. Have an opinion on that?

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