A Mushy Note of Thanks


I’m going to take just a moment of your time to get a little mushy, as INPCs has been out almost 3 years now.  Might even make Kris blush, hahaha.

Going through Files of the Month I saw INPCs was No 1 just two years ago, Oct 2012 :)  And now my Anna NPCs is No 3 (knock on wood it stays there just another few days and doesn’t get passed up by Wintermyst again!).  I owe a lot to Kris for inspiration, advice, and help along the way, not to mention getting me voice exposure.  In speaking with many other fans of both his and my mods, and fellow modders, I know I’m just one of many people he’s helped, with their own modding and greatly enhanced the game with his amazing characters.  Congrats on the fantastic two years!  Huzzah!  Thanks pal! :)


2 thoughts on “A Mushy Note of Thanks

  1. Anna,

    You are so extremely talented. I’ve used your Anduniel mod and now am going to do the uninstall/clean/install the combo Anna NPCs mod to get the latest updates. I simply cannot believe the quality, depth, and scope of this mod (and now collection of mods). You’re simply sensational! Now… to work following Shrike’s checklist!

    Take care of yourself,


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