Fallout New Vegas Mod: The Blue Note – Alice

Perhaps it was my subconscious at work when I named this chain-smoking, F-Bomb dropping, kick you in the teeth prostitute Alice. I was just trying to think of a name that would be both porny and civilized – something that would fly in either world.¬†Plain coincidence that Alice Bell liked her enough to voice her. Wasn’t baiting her at all.

With a big assist from nonoodles, we’ve finished¬†one, two, three…FOUR quests now, along with a couple of background NPCs. Just need voices, so please audition if you got the time or the gumption. Oh yeah, we’re moving on up, to the Westside.


7 thoughts on “Fallout New Vegas Mod: The Blue Note – Alice

    1. I’m not bad! Oh- do you mean her? or me.

      I’ve just realised that if a potential employer Googles me that one of the higher results will be ‘Alice the prostitute’ Woohoo!

  1. Oh my god Alice, you so cray cray~

    All these Fallout characters showing up! I hope they’ll be released so I can give them a test run. :3 Also seeing all these characters is driving me to want to make my own. Damn you and your infectious creative STD, Kris!

  2. “You know how it is with assholes. They are all covered in shit”. Don’t need to hear more. MOD OF THE YEAR as soon as this one goes out on Nexus. Alice nailed it too, such a nice voice actress.

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