Surprise Wedding Guest


My new Nord was testing my custom wedding for Valyen (in my new world space Druid grove) when who should show up as a guest but a young Bosmer who introduced himself as Yarbrough!  My other Dragonborns were of course familiar with him, but this was the first time he’d popped up so unexpected, and yet so conveniently.

How fitting, a bard at a wedding, albeit a bit unusual.  I mean, a Bosmer bard who plays Nord songs??  I asked to play with him, but as this was just a test character, I had not completed the Bards quest, so I played badly in Warrior’s Life.   Nevertheless, my happily newly wed Nord then requested Mogo’s Mead (gotta get the guests drinking, right?) and tossed him a few coins.

I can only assume, on the back end, that Yarbrough is programmed to be a Player “friend” from the start, and that’s why he showed up.




4 thoughts on “Surprise Wedding Guest

  1. Hm, perhaps Yarbrough‘s relationship rank was raised via Blood of Kings. Looking in the CK, he’s not set to be an ally of the player by default.

    I know that was the case for some followers, which caused some confusion when random characters like Larkspur and Qa’Dojo would show up at the wedding despite never being recruited. So I had to change that a while back.

    Or maybe Yarbrough just likes weddings? Anyways, glad it was him that came to your wedding and not say, Dagri’lon. An immortal, headless wraith at a wedding? How unfitting.

    1. More or less unfitting than the fact the drug addict prostitute I accidentally tumbled in Riften turned up at my wedding, then kept popping up in the market giving me sad eyes?

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