Dovahkiin Wine Labels

Freedom White

Few know that the Greybeards dabble in the fermentation of spirits, and not just the spirit of Dragons.  They also have a distillery hidden in the bowels of High Hrothgar.  Where they obtain the grapes for their wine is uncertain, but we can only assume that Ivarstead cannot be their only supplier of goods and supplies.  The Riesling above awakens the drinker to glory and freedom of the skies, and seeing the world as only a Dovah can.

For the Dragonborn the cellarmaster brewed a special red wine, one that speaks of courage, power, and celebration of life.  How fitting that “Zin” in Dragon means “Honor” for a Zinfindel.


And lastly, brewed by one of High Hrothgar’s young (and a bit lusty) apprentices, comes the Passion Port, guaranteed to bring out the beast in every Dovahkiin.  Enjoy this dark dessert after a savory course of barbequed bandit.

Passion Port

These are my actual labels for my first batches of wine.  Who knew a game could be so inpirational?


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