Fallout 3 Mods: Quantum Gravity – Adlai Covington

Here is Daniel Hodge, a man whose name you may recognize from a number of Skyrim mods, but whose voice for Dr. Covington you may be hearing for the first time. Such is the man’s range. As for the quest, Quantum Gravity was the first one I made for Fallout 3, so a lot of it was just playing around with different aspects of the modding kit. The radio signals, holotapes, and stuff I learned making this quest really helped in building others like Room 404 and The Blue Note, which relies heavily on the radio mechanic. So in a lot of ways this was the Fallout version of The Radiant Dark. The place I cut my teeth.

This mod is already available here on the blog, but it’ll also be included with the next version of the bundle along with two new quests, Death and Taxes and It Takes a Village, as soon as those are voiced.


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