Let’s Play: Hope Lies

Here’s the second episode of our Let’s Play series, this time featuring the Fallout: New Vegas mod Hope Lies, starring Jessica Osborne as Hope. The quest is very deeply rooted in the power of faith and religion, so we run through the quest and try not to be total cynical, condescending heathens about it.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Hope Lies

    1. Yeah, those plans were scrapped because of the voiced protagonist. Most of the Fallout 4 content was crafted with the limit dialogue options in mind, whereas Hope and Vincent were made with the custom dialogue choices, with all the voice acting done.

      It does suck that more people won’t play this quest as a result, as this Let’s Play aside (since Jessica and I played as condescending skeptics), the quest is one of the better, more emotional ones we’ve made, and one of the few that’s very spiritual in nature. But that’s what’s nice about custom dialogue, you can play what is, for all intents and purposes, a quest with strong Christian and spiritual themes even as an atheist, pushing the player’s responses in ways that go against the overall tone. That’s harder to do in Fallout 4 with the player voice.

      Although it’s certainly not impossible, and the main tone and guts of the quest could be ported over. But altering the specific dialogue to something more generic, and then re-voicing the responses to match, would’ve been a lot of extra work for the sake of watering the dialogue down.

      Now, if you mean bringing Hope back as a continuation/sequel to the events in FNV, that I might consider, but I’d like to know if Obsidian is making a west coast game first, as I prefer her and Vincent in that setting and it makes more sense from a travel perspective.

      1. So, maybe is it possible to expand her in FNV? It would be great to talk more with Hope about events and quests in Mojave. Now, beside her quest, she has just a few comments (if I remember right).

        Or… better don`t do this, I can`t play FNV for 100time :D
        In case I didn`t say this somewhere – she was probably one of the best NPC mod for FNV, I admire Your work :)

        Just one more question – are You planning to add much more content to the Tales from the Commonwealth in the near future? I just don’t know what to do – start playing Fo4 with Your mod now, or wait some time for more :)

        1. Probably no on FNV, the game is too old and I’d rather save any time and commitment, provided Jessica is available, for future games.

          A lot will depend on if/when a Fallout game returns to the west coast. It’s really only a matter of time, but how much time who knows.

          TFTC will definitely have more content added, but right now the focus is on DLC commentary for the companions. Once that’s done, then I’ll go back to the main mod, but the bulk of the work is done considering it’s 20 quests deep already.

          Granted, Interesting NPCs had 50, but the voiced protagonist again kind of makes me leery of long, drawn out questlines.

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