Interesting NPCs 3.31 BSA Version

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Interesting NPCs v3.31 BSA Version

Alternate Loose Files Version (if having issues with the BSA)

This is for the old version of Skyrim. It’s a BSA packed version of 3.31. I also saw some people mention having issues with Children Fair, not sure if that was introduced in the last version, but I couldn’t replicate the problem.

I did add some extra failsafes though, just in case. Also keep in mind this is a BSA, so any loose files you have will override it. Not that it matters since it’s the same mod, but if you want a cleaner Data folder, this will help.

Still haven’t cast an actor for the new quest, but I’ve more or less built it into the mod. Just needs voicing. There’s a small cave – Frost Peak Cave – added to Eastmarch for the quest, but entering it shouldn’t trigger anything so I left it rather than disable the entrance.

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.30:

  • Fixed innkeeper scenes with followers

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.20:


20 thoughts on “Interesting NPCs 3.31 BSA Version

  1. Happy holidays Kris!

    As always, thank you for the latest INPC update.

    Can we ask what the current state-of-play is for Special Edition, I’m assuming we are waiting for the rumoured CK update from Beth?

  2. Not sure if this update affected it in any way, but Rumarin keeps running away from combat in a relatively new save now where I just met him. My older save where I’ve talked to him before and done quests has him fight normally. Other followers seem to work just fine, Rumarin just keeps running for his dear life from skeevers and mudcrabs.

    I tried it with and without AFT and he keeps running.

    This is still my favorite mod of all time, after all these years. <3

    1. Update to my earlier comment, apparently he stopped running after I gave him gear that has armor rating… well gear in general. Dunno what’s up. Maybe his imitation robes have a fear enchantment…´

      Thank you for this mod~ * ^ *

  3. Anyone has a problem with this download? I downloaded 3.31 twice, and it does not work for me. NPCs don’t respond to talk, some missing facetints, missing voices. It’s as if the BSA is not loaded in my game. Tried it with Mod Organizer and manual install. Still same problem.

    This 2GB BSA is the full mod, right?

      1. I downloaded the new reupload with Seq included. Some NPCs talk with voice present. But others still missing facetints (purple face) and voices.

        Would there be any chance for a loose files version?

    1. Likely related to memory as opposed to the mod. That aspect of the quest has not been touched in years.

      I also tested it just yesterday. If it’s BSA related, might want to try the loose file version, which I added to this post.

  4. Tried to install with NMM and got this error:

    3DNPC v3.31 BSA packed plus SEQ // A problem occurred during install:
    Array dimensions exceeded supported range.
    The mod was not installed. // Install //

    Downloading loose file version now instead.

  5. i’ve been trying to download interesting npcs for the past 3 days, but with my horrible internet this is no easy task. god, i wish there was a torrent option, because without it i’ll have to give up on this mod. :(

    1. Amy, please DM me on my Twitter account @Levitikai. I can send you a magnet link so you can download the loose files version from me. Unfortunately I can’t publish it here because I have a bandwidth cap with my ISP, but sending it to you only should be fine.

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