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    Kris Takahashi

    In preparation for Tuesday’s open beta, I’m gonna list quest and NPC locations here (The wiki is still a WIP, but I’m gonna try and power through it tomorrow).

    However, if you’d rather not cheat and look at the locations here, you can actually get them organically by completing the short post office quest in Nahant (area just outside Croup Manor). You’ll see what I mean, but it’ll put some hard to find locations on your map for you. If all else fails though, there’s this list.


    1. Under the Bridge – Talk to Audrey Goodneighbor Third Rail

    2. Saints and Sinners – east of Hangman’s Alley, coc fensraidercampext02

    3. Radio Distress Call – quest has 3 parts, just listen to the Emergency signal

    4. Like a Goodneighbor (starts immediately after #3)

    5. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots (starts immediately after #4)

    6. You’ve Got Mail – Nahant PD Station

    7. Jet Fueled – South of Kendall Hospital, coc f3dnpcJetFueled

    8. House that Bruce Built – Talk to Pin at Bowling Alley in front of East City Downs

    9. Two Lane Blacktop – Talk to Smoke on roof of Layton Tower Aparmtments

    10. Full Exposure – shop east of Diamond City, coc f3dnpcphoto01

    11. Indecent Exposure – starts immediately after #10, talk to the Art collector at the brothel.

    12. Love and Peace – Go to Fiddler’s Green. After talking to Cosmos and finishing the conversation, enter a modded cell like the brothel or the bar

    13. Patriots – Old Corner Bookstore

    14. Three Little Wastelanders – Bunkers in the neighborhood just outside Old Gullet Sinkhole

    15. Atom’s Glow – Starts at Lakeview Pier north of Mass Fusion Disposal Site


    1. East Boston – South of the bridge, north of the school

    2. Amelia’s Espresso southeast of Layton Towers, next to Red Rocket

    3. Tremont Speakeasy or right outside the Combat Zone, Minuteman deserter is here

    4. Auction House – North of Chestnut Hillock Reservoir

    5. Restuarant – Waterfront Restaurant east of Shamrock Taphouse

    6. Forest Grove Marsh Rooftop

    7. Lexington Bust Stop – Old lady

    8. Fairline Hill Estates – Drunk

    9. Diamond City – Johnny Friendly


    Kris Takahashi

    Might be late Tuesday, FlipDark needs a little more time to make some custom mesh/tex but it’s worth the wait.


    Kris Takahashi

    Looks like those custom meshes won’t be coming for a while, so I just uploaded.

    Eh, whatever, I don’t think the mod will take off soon anyway, Atomic Radio had the advantage of being released prior to the CK being made public so I got on the front page early.

    So like with Interesting NPCs it’ll take some time before people take notice, even longer since you have to search out the quests, which will give me more of a window to add more content.


    Ryan Clark

    I’ll be honest. I’ve been more excited for this mod than any dlc Bethesda could create. Your mods are must haves for all playthroughs. Thank you!


    Kris Takahashi

    @Ryan Clark
    Thanks, the mod is definitely more indie film than blockbuster movie, but hopefully what it lacks in explosions it will make up for in content, particularly as we add on over the next 2 years.


    Jason Hart

    Where are the companions other than Audrey? Greatest mod of all time btw


    Kris Takahashi

    I’ll have a better, more complete wiki in time, but I sort of scribbled up these 2 pages which should provide info on locations and affinity convos, I assume Audrey’s is self-explanatory so I’ll do that last. Under the Bridge does have a makeshift wiki though.

    Anyways, here you go, typing Birdie and R4-04 anywhere on this site should now link to their respective wikis, testing this now with this forum post.

    EDIT: lol fail at linking, guess it doesn’t apply to the forums. Here are the pages:




    Kris Takahashi

    On that note, if anyone has screenshots or video walkthroughs they would like to put on the wiki pages, send’em/post’em. 16:9 ratio preferred.


    James Kunz

    I installed the mod and got the radio distress signal and I listened and it added the quest, but when I try to show the location on my map, its always just a little ways away from where I am but I can’t find the location ..?

    PS, completed under the bridge but cannot find key to open top floor door? I think I looked everywhere? Also, the 1 terminal on the bottom floor that opened the initial vault door is blank when I go in, is that right?

    very cool mod so far ….

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    Kris Takahashi

    Hi James, for troubleshooting questions, please use the bug report/FAQ button, it’s on the far right portion of the header. I made a question for you.

    TFTC – Radio Distress Signal Belcher’s Cave

    Forums are more for discussion, like if we were discussing Audrey’s shoes or something like that.



    I loved Mara and the quests for FO4 and the entire FO4 bundle. I think this is already my favorite Fo4 mod. Keep up the good work, I am eager to see the rest.

    PD: Any chance of cameos from characters of the other games?


    Kris Takahashi

    Thanks, which games? I suppose it depends on the characters. Mara in Fallout 3 was an obvious choice given the Railroad’s presence in that game, it was clear she’d at least have a cameo in any Fallout 4 mod I made (same with Indrel for Skyrim, I left her out of Honor’s Calling precisely because she’s an Elf and could conceivably live in TESVI’s timeline).

    There are other references similar to that. Cueball in Saints in Sinners is the brother of Eightball in FO3.

    References like these are common, but the actual characters like Eightball sometimes can’t be in FO4 because I don’t know if they survived the previous mod. Technically, Mara/R4-04 could’ve died too but she’s a rowbut so there’s my out. Rowbuts never die.


    Kris Takahashi

    Been lazy about doing this quest, mostly because I’ve been getting in stupid arguments on the internet about Kevin Durant.

    But next quest is done and ready for testing. Also fixed the robot clinic location, the door was the same as the exit to the Mechanist’s Lair

    Wiki for quest is here:

    The Great Green Jewel



    I can understand placing Tales of the Commonwealth together with Atomic Radio at the Nexus for convenience, but I am wondering if it might become better known to potential players by cross referencing it under the Quests and Adventures category. I know I would normally never look for such a mod under the Radios category, even though I love quest mods. Just a thought.


    Kris Takahashi

    I actually don’t mind not making it better known at this point, I think about 500 users is ideal for a beta, although I’m obviously not going to stop people from promoting it or spreading the word.

    I’ll consider a separate page later on.

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