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Encounter Goodneighbor Third Rail
Locations Goodneighbor Third Rail
Quests Under the Bridge
Race Ghoul Gender Female
Level PC x1 Class N/A
RefID xx01e0e BaseID xx001e1c
Perk Social Climber –¬† 1.5 times the value for selling goods and 1.5 times more likely to pass a charisma check.
Fox Hunting – 10% more Action Points in VATS and 10% more damage with automatic weapons.
Inventory Dirty black suit
Combat rifle
Walking cane
RefID/FormID Full list of refIDs and formIDs
Voice Natalie Proudlock


Audrey’s perk is tied to her companion quest, and affinity does not play a role. Affinity is mostly irrelevant at this point.

Getting the Social Climber or Fox Hunting perk depends on how you complete Under the Bridge, with or without violence.

Peaceful dialogue

Violent dialogue

Commentary and Extra Dialogue

Not all locations have vanilla commentary trigger boxes. In the event there is none, the commentary may require you to click on them, provided the idle doesn’t fire on its own, like with Cait’s humming.

The dialogue wheel will change from Relationships to Get to Know Each Other when you are in a non-hostile environment like a town, bar, or settlement, or if you have over 500 affinity. This is the only instance where affinity plays a role.

A max affinity conversation is planned for version 2.2 and up