Under the Bridge

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Under the Bridge
QUEST GIVER Audrey – Goodneighbor The Third Rail
LOCATIONS The Third Rail, North End Valenti Subway Station, Fens Street Speakeasy, Summer Home
QUEST ID f3dnpc_ComAudreyQuest EDITOR ID  xx00201c
NPCS Audrey – Natalie Proudlock
Arthur – Fairfieldfencer
Mr Handy  – Fairfieldfencer
Margaret – Ginger Roll
Father – James McLauchlan
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
REWARD  Audrey’s Perk

– In order to correctly make the squirrel stew recipe, the player must convert the measurements to match that of the wasteland items.

1 Potato
1 Tomato
Diced Carrot
Squirrel Meat Chunks
4 cups of water

To help, Audrey will provide hints to the player should they fail on the first attempt.


Since a bottle of water is 2 cups of water, the recipe calls for two bottles rather than 4 cups. In addition, since tatos are a hybrid of potatoes and tomatoes(0.5 tomato/0.5 potato), the recipe requires 2 tatos rather than 1 of each.

– For some reason the TV in Antoinette’s room is not a hittable object.

Under the Bridge [f3dnpc_ComAudreyquest]
10 Get Objective to meet Audrey’s brother
20 Reach Fens Kenmore Station
30 Listen to Holotape
40 Talk to Audrey
50 Find photo
60 Meet at Fens Street Speakeasy
70 Scene
80 Go to the Summer Estate
100 Vault door unlocked
110 Mr Handy shows up
120 Objective to make stew
130 Audrey gives hints
140 Stew fail
150 Stew made
160 Go on stage
170 Play complete
180 Enter Antoinette’s room
190 Radiation triggered
210 Room escaped
220 Check on Margaret
230 Audrey’s room unlocked
250 Holotape picked up
280 Safe unlocked
290 Mr Handy shuts down
294 Margaret killed
300 Speak to Audrey
400 Quest complete

6 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

  1. Hey uhm, I have no idea what to do in the antoinette room. I tried disabling stuff and punching them but the stuff dont react. The only things that react are the TV, the Bed, the bedside lamp, the desk, the lamp next to the desk and the file drawer thingy. Now I’m frankly getting tired of trying again and again and not getting anywhere. So if you could just tell me what the fuck to do next cause I cant really do anything since I play on survival and the stupid save shit is ripping me apart!

    Greatest regards, Korvarfis (aka William)

  2. I just found Aubrey’s brother. Listened to the holotape. And have spent about an hour looking for the photo with no luck… Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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