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    Excellent, Thanks Kris I’m a PC player and I don’t mind playing beta and alpha versions of stuff so I’ll check it out! Thanks for the in depth response much appreciation!



    Hello, I am looking forward to trying TftC and Atomic Radio. I just installed their latest versions via NMM and am using FO4Edit to resolve conflicts between mods. I notice that in many places, this mod will have a full entry for a cell that is edited by another mod (often Collector’s Guides: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14084 ) that does not have precombined meshes. The TftC entry is identical to master – vanilla. I guess it is critical that TftC must have these ITM records? One example is cell 00017DF7, ConcordMuseum01. There are many.

    TftC also conflicts with the UFO4P (unofficial patch) in surprising ways, e.g. quest edits to 0005DEE4, Min01 (Sanctuary) where 3dnpc_fo4.esp has what appears to be an ITM entry for that quest, except it’s actually missing a Patch_1_6 entry — so maybe TftC’s overwrites are older than the fallout4.esm master? Since this quest has an entry, a fix from the UFO4P also gets overwritten by TftC. But why is TftC editing the Sanctuary quest? Kind of confusing. There are other quests the TftC esp has entries for that conflict with UFO4P fixes too, like Taking Independence, Liberty Reprimed, The Lost Patrol. I imagine if I looked at all the entries for Fallout4.esm, TftC may conflict with some vanilla quests there too. (hopefully in ways that would not be noticeable to the user)

    Anyway, really had fun with Interesting NPCs in Skyrim. Looking forward to trying the new stuff in FO4. Thanks for the work. Just concerned about it clobbering newer vanilla assets or other mods that are making fixes to things that would appear to be unrelated to new NPCs.


    Kris Takahashi

    I guess it is critical that TftC must have these ITM records? One example is cell 00017DF7

    It’s not an ITM. It’s a quest item placed in the Museum. Form ID is 0102C748, the item in question being a Poem, the Concord Hymn

    But why is TftC editing the Sanctuary quest?

    Companion interjections, Companion switching banter, EVERY edit to a vanilla quest is companion related, and does not edit the skeleton or scripting of the quest. It just tacks on an additional line of companion dialogue to the list. Basically this is the extent of the edit in question:

    View post on imgur.com

    One line for Birdie, one for Audrey, one for R4-04. Everything else is untouched.

    Keep in mind, it’s not like Skyrim where you can remove the quest edit and leave the dialogue topic, because Fallout 4 uses scenes. But if you know a way to remove the quest edit and still keep the added companion interjection, by all means, let me know. Would be easier than forwarding whatever changes UFO4P has.

    edit: As for Patch 1.6 change to Min01, the creation of TFTC did pre-date that patch, and that’s probably why it wasn’t carried over. Thanks for letting me know about it, I’ll carry that and any other patch 1.6/1.7 Fallout4.esm additions to TFTC 1.7, there appear to be a one or two other changes Bethesda made like changing Nuka Cola to Nuka-Cola lol



    Thanks for the detailed reply; I guess it’s not clear from a fo4edit conflict view what is really ITM and what is not. So if TftC is conflicting with another mod like Collector’s Guides, perhaps both editing the same cell, perhaps both adding items or editing meshes, is there an elegant way to have both mods fully function? Guess I’ll find out.

    TftC just seemed to touch way more world cells and vanilla quests than anything else out there. I wonder if it would benefit from compatibility patches for other REALLY popular mods, like UFO4P.


    Kris Takahashi

    is there an elegant way to have both mods fully function?

    Probably just forwarding the same changes. Depends on what their edits are and whether they don’t carry over, or need to carry over. I know in Skyrim, it didn’t matter how many modders added NPCs to Riverwood, we pretty much all edited the cell and it worked out just fine. Fallout 4 might be different.

    I’ve found it’s just easier to be reactive than proactive given the innumerable amount of potential conflicts when we’re all editing the same game.

    Like, Bethesda games have so many variables even before you introduce mods, that it’s impossible to try and account for everything. So best to just play and see what happens, and if something doesn’t work, then try and fix. That way you’re only fixing the 2 or 3 things that do conflict, as opposed to the 1000 that might.

    I guess it’s not clear from a fo4edit conflict view what is really ITM and what is not

    Just open up the cell change record for ConcordMuseum01 in FO4edit, it will show the quest item I added under the temporary section. I think if the item isn’t persistent, it’s not going to turn the line yellow. You probably just saw the line as green and assumed no changes were made.

    TftC just seemed to touch way more world cells and vanilla quests than anything else out there

    Yeah, that’s how many new quests and NPCs there are, 20 quests and 10 new encounters ends up being anywhere from 30 to 60 cells/worldspaces depending on how many new locations are added and old ones edited (to include new NPCs, or new furniture, etc).

    As for quests, vanilla companions interject in almost every quest, so yeah, it’ll touch those too. Thankfully idle commentary doesn’t require editing the vanilla quest, since it relies on triggers and keywords.

    As for UFO4P, depends on what we’re talking about here, forwarding simple changes like spelling fixes and stuff like that is easy as a drag and drop, anything more complicated like script changes it depends. Definitely something that I think I’ll wait until Fallout 4 is no longer being updated since sometimes Bethesda will fix things and the unofficial patch has to go back and account for.


    Kris Takahashi

    Although 30 to 60 worldspaces is probably too conservative. A single quest can easily involve 5 worldspace edits, we’re probably talking about hundreds of cells.

    Still nowhere near Interesting NPCs though, that mod has like 50 quests and a billion NPCs.

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    Evan Davis

    Just wanted to say that the new quest south from he Gunner Plaza was excellent. Good ethical lesson, I don’t want to give away any spoilers. I went and did every scenario with each ending. I didn’t run into any bugs or issues. Keep up the good work, I’m enjoying the small puzzles you’ve included in some of your quests.



    tftc 1.91, just got a crash to desktop immediately upon entering belcher’s cave. I have not done any tftc quests in this new game yet, but I suspect I ran into some people in the wild. I had listened to the radio signal for belcher’s, but it was not my active quest. ada was my follower. survival mode, wearing T-49 storyteller power armor and NCR coat. my mod order is as follows (via NMM):

    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp=1
    The Collector’s Guides.esp=1
    The Collector’s Guides Far Harbor Addon.esp=1
    Companion Fall Damage Immunity.esp=1
    Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp=1
    Quieter Settlements – Vanilla.esp=1
    Quieter Settlements – Wasteland Workshop.esp=1
    Quieter Settlements – Contraptions.esp=1
    The LoveMe Pills.esp=1
    Dogmeat’s Backpack.esp=1
    ValdacilsItemSorting – Raider Overhaul TAGS.esp=1
    MidWest PA.esp=1
    Grab and Eat.esp=1
    Submarine Base Echo.esp=1
    FO4 NPCs Travel.esp=1

    the last thing is a custom mod that just fixes some tagged items to reflect UFO4P things; no 3dnpc changes there. gtx 1070 with latest nvidia drivers, win10 x64. interestingly, this was my first FO4 crash ever. much better than skyrim.

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    So uhhhhhh <.< I kind of left Maise in a pile of chunks behind Takahashi when she attacked me. Am I going to have to console her back to life?



    Just wanted to say I am enjoying Tales of the Commonwealth. I played “Interesting NPC” and the other “Fallout bundles” so I was very happy when I found this.
    I am still playing but the raiders questline and the new companions are superb. Great job with the puzzles in Audrey´s quest. Kind of a bump when I found “Zynx Shotgun” in Boston. Whatever happened to her?

    About R4-04, should have known about her looking at her name XDD. The hairstyle fooled me. She was one of my favorite characters back there. Nice played, pals, nice played.


    Kris Takahashi

    About R4-04, should have known about her looking at her name XDD. The hairstyle fooled me. She was one of my favorite characters back there. Nice played, pals, nice played.

    Ha, yeah. I saw some people on youtube speculating she was from Atlanta.

    Close that they got the 404 part right, but no cigar. Anyways nice to hear people are playing the mods in the correct order.

    Zynx’s shotgun was more of an easter egg really. Although I suppose we could always bring her back, the fact that her backstory is the exact same as Cait’s kind of deterred me. People would accuse me of copying it, despite having released Zynx first.



    Are the Tales companions on an independent follower system?


    Kris Takahashi

    Nope, same companion/affinity system, hence picking up one will dismiss a vanilla follower and boot them from the quest alias same as vanilla.



    Having a bit of a confusing issue with Audrey. I had her hanging around Hangman’s Alley working the farm while I did some stuff with Valentine. I’ve come back to get her but she won’t prompt any companion options when I talk to her. She just says her greeting dialogue and goes back to work.

    I’m wondering if somehow she’s flipped a flag somewhere or something. Any clue as to how I can repair this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Kris Takahashi


    Send me your save if on PC, kristakahashi@gmail.com

    Also made a topic for you here, forums are more for discussion:

    Can't recruit Audrey after sending her to settlement

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