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VERSION  0.02 Alpha
QUEST GIVER Virgil – Radio Store near Fort Independence
LOCATIONS Radio Store near Fort Independence, National Guard Depot, Rivet City, Townhome, Potomac Government Facility
QUEST ID x3dnpcfactory EDITOR ID xx000eca
NPCS Virgil – Patrick Mahoney
Hawk – James McLauchlan
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order


– Originally the player had to use the electronic console to open the final door, but as many player might not realize it, the door now unlocks upon completion of the quest.
– The explosion trigger can only be used once

Virgil will provide hints on what to look for when examining the clues.

1st Amendment – Freedom of the press. The Capital Post Logo is the hint. Look at the shape surrounding it.

In the building the logo on the wall is basically a big circle surrounding the Capital building, hence the answer is 0.

2nd Amendment – Right to bear arms. Location is L.O.B. enterprises. This one is pretty straightforward. You find the Enclave soldier and find blood trailing from his hand to the chalkboard.

Remove the paper on the chalkboard. Behind it is the number 3.

3rd Amendment – Quartering of troops. The National Guard Depot has the answer. The terminal there will mention the flag and the colors of bravery.

On the American flag, red is bravery, so count the stripes. There are 7 red stripes.

4th amendment – Search and Seizure. The original terminal mentions The McClellan Family. Look for the home across the street from the McClellan Townhome and search it.

The trick is, there’s a home inside the home. Find the model home and open it up. Inside is a note that mentions the McClellan address. Walk outside and you’ll find the number. 2026 Bradley Place.


Factory Sealed [x3dnpcfactory]
10 Virgil gives player Outcast equipment
20 Terminal accessed
30 Information provided to Virgil, who suggests player investigate the Capitol Post
40 Capitol Post investigate, holotape obtained
50 Virgil met in Rivet City
42 LOB Enterprises clue obtained
44 National Guard Depot clue obtained
46 DC Townhome clue obtained
60 Hawk enabled, objective to return to Virgil given
70 Hawk and Virgil argue, Hawk speaks to player
80 Player asked to meet Hawk and Virgil and government facility
90 Player talks to Virgil outside facility, door unlocked
75 Upon entering, dialogue triggered, script tied to dialogue enables Enclave soldiers
100 Inner facility entered, Virgil and Hawk comment on machine, Virgil forcegreets
110 Objective to enter password received
120 Correct password entered, machine turns hostile against Enclave
130 Wrong password entered, machine targets player
140 Console used to trigger explosion
150 Console used to remove machine from Enclave faction so it targets soldiers in addition to player
200 Quest complete