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A Pair of Jacks
QUEST GIVER Jack – Back entrance to Art’s Diner east of Lexington Apartments
QUEST ID f3dnpc_JacksQuest EDITOR ID
NPCS Selfless Jack – Will Handford
Selfish Jack – Will Handford
Bounty Hunter – Will Handford
Arthur Dean – Mason Quinn
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  • Ghost won’t be in Tremont Speakeasy unless you’ve checked the bounty board downstairs. Version 1.8 will place the objective marker on the bounty board if you haven’t checked it already instead of Ghost
  • The player can find out Selfish Jack is an Institute informant through one of two mechanisms, pickpocketing the note on his person or telling Russell that Selfless Jack is a “definitely a synth”
  • If the player discovers the Selfish Jack is suspected of being an Institute informant, a charisma check of 7+ or pickpocketing the note will allow the player to confirm.
  • If the Bounty Hunter takes possession of a Jack, he will become hostile if the player attacks his prisoner
  • The two Jacks have disparate personalities, and as a result are both unreliable narrators. One is selfless enough to claim he is a synth to spare his brother, whereas the other is selfish enough to claim he is human to save himself.

    As a result the quest is not intended to be a mystery the player solves. Rather, without a smoking gun, the player must make their decision based on their own assumptions, the morality of the characters, the player’s personal view of synths, and whether or not it’s unusual for people to change.

A Pair of Jacks [f3dnpc_JacksQuest]
10 Talk to Jack, enter


20 Unlock door
30 Enter Art’s Diner, start scene
50 Interrogate Jacks
60 Attack Russell
70 Injure Jack
80 Kill Russell, Art, Bobby and Aunt Patty
100 Jacks survive
200 Jacks survive
300 Quest complete