Charles River Auction House

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Charles River Auction House
LOCATION Charles River Auction House north of Chestnut Hillock Reservoir
CELL f3dnpcauctionhouse CLASS N/A
QUEST ID f3dnpc_auctionhousequest EDITOR ID xx005a90
NPCS Auctioneer – Kyle Brannan
Male Patron – Jeff Werden
Female Patron – Alice Bell
Child Patron – Natalie Proudlock
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  • The mystery box item is a random leveled item
  • The auction uses the paraphrased text to inform the player if they are making a small or large bid.
Commonwealth Auction House [f3dnpc_auctionhousequest]
10 Entering trigger box initiates auction


1950 Auction for quest Great Green Jewel initiated
1 Benjamin Spader’s Holotape placed on auction
1000 End auction, disable items and stops scene