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Amelia’s Espresso
LOCATION Southeast of Layton Towers, north of Red Rocket
CELL f3dnpckaraoke CLASS N/A
QUEST ID f3dnpc_karaokequest EDITOR ID xx009701
NPCS Jimmy – James McLauchlan
Gus – James McLauchlan
Mama Mabel – Ginger Roll
Bartender – J.T. Decker
Lana Lafferty – Ivy Dupler
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  • The name Amelia’s Espresso comes from the vanilla sign
  • Lana Lafferty’s stand-up performances are randomized
  • Lana Lafferty is a relative of Laura Lafferty, a character in the Blue Note mod
  • In versions 1.9 and up, taking companions to the bar will result in them taking the stage. Companion singing is triggered by a vanilla comment trigger box, which disables when used but re-enables after loading the game outside the bar
Amelia’s Espresso [f3dnpc_karaokequest]
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20 Stop song