Indecent Exposure

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Indecent Exposure
QUEST GIVER Art Collector – Boston Bordello
LOCATIONS Boston Bordello, South Boston Cathedral, Wildwood Cemetery, Hyde Park Church
QUEST ID f3dnpc_treasurequest EDITOR ID xx00258e
NPCS Guthrie – Daniel Byrne
Denton – Jody “Tentacle” Denness
Ben Spader – Will Handford
Catgirl – Alice Bell
Auctioneer – Kyle Brannan
Auction House Patron 1 – Jeff Werden
Auction House Patron 2 – Natalie Proudlock
Auction House Patron 3 – Alice Bell
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order

Key Locations:

South Boston Cathedral – Use the buttons to turn on all the spotlights at the same time so they shine on the cross. You can also use the LVL 2+ Refractor perk to utilize the fusebox.

Wildwood Cemetery – Wait until noon and use the tree’s shadow to find the noon priest’s tomb. The clue will tell you his apostles are hidden in the afternoon and evening hours, and that they number the same as “the hour he rests.” (In versions prior to 1.8, the clue mentions “the apostles number the same as their Lord and Savior,” but that number is 13 and the number of graves is actually 12).

In versions 1.8 and after, the clue will imply the apostles number 12. You can count by smashing the gravestones clockwise (the direction of the evening), but only count the gravestones that share the same marker as the noon priest (a skull with wings). The key is in the grave of the 12th apostle.

Hyde Park Church – Go to the peak of the church tower and check the lantern.


– Version 1.6 incorrectly removed the mention of the penultimate grave in order to simplify the clue, instead mentioning the “evening hours.” Earlier versions of the wiki also mentioned the grave was in the 13th apostle’s grave, when it’s in the twelfth, or roughly 5 o’ clock.

Indecent Exposure [f3dnpc_treasurequest]
10 Get objective to search South Boston


20 Find Denton
30 Get clues
40 Open church safe
50 Found key #2
70 Return to Denton
80 Enter hatch
85 Listen to holotape
90 Return to Guthrie
100 Quest complete

6 thoughts on “Indecent Exposure

  1. I can’t find the key in Wildwood Cemetery. I’m not sure which graves to count, since lots of graves have the noon priest symbol (even tombstones that are all the way back in the courtyard. I’ve spent at least an hour or two in the graveyard alone. I think I’ve gone insane. Please tell me which one it is, a landmark or anything! Like, if the noon priest stone is at 12 o’clock, what position is the grave at? (3, 4, 5 o’clock etc). I really can’t stand not finishing this quest and I can’t enjoy the game until this quest is off my list :( begging for any help available.

    1. After reading the noon priest riddle, you can honestly just turn the right, and start whacking every grave in sight. Although it’s probably at around 5 clock if the shadow at the noon priest is 12.

      1. Still can’t find it. I’m playing on console and I’m positive it just doesn’t show up. Just downloaded the update for the mod too. I just have to interact with the grave I’m guessing, the key isn’t some small object hidden behind a gravestone or anything right, because that would just be cruel and messed up.

        1. I don’t think it’s bugged, since most xbox players have finished it once they found the grave. You have to break the gravestone, not interact with it like the noon priest one.

          Technically you just have to “hit it.” Just start smashing graves.

          1. Ohh wow I never knew about that mechanic. Now I can finally move on :D Thanks for being so polite, appreciate it!

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