Paradise Bay

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Paradise Bay
QUEST GIVER Doctor Singh – Paradise Bay south of Gunner’s Plaza
LOCATIONS Paradise Bay, Underground Facility, Medical Lab
QUEST ID f3dnpc_ParadiseBayQuest EDITOR ID  xx0089ea
NPCS Doctor Singh – PotasticPanda
Gomez – Will Handford
Nilesh Singh – J.T. Decker
Harvey – Matthew Dixon
Rick – James McLauchlan
John – James McLauchlan
Jeff – Jeff Wereden
Josh – J.T. Decker
Beth – Alice Bell
Workers – Michael Kennedy
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
REWARD Stimpaks, Radaway, Rad-x


  • Paradise Bay radio will cease to play if the radio is jury-rigged, however, it will return if the player sides with Doctor Singh
  • Killing the glowing ghoul by use of force rather than the formula will cause the other ferals to attack. The player must kill them all for the quest to proceed
  • Killing the winner (if it’s not Harvey) will always result in Singh’s death, either by the winner’s hand or via a ghoul attack
  • Giving Nilesh the formula will start a 72 hour timer before the cure takes effect
  • Killing Doctor Singh will set off a 72 hour timer to turn the residents to ghouls
Paradise Bay [f3dnpc_ParadiseBayQuest]
10 Enter Underground facility


15 Get ticket to Paradise Bay
20 Objective to give Harvey ticket
7 Jury-rig the radio to expose Dr. Singh
30 Give ticket to Beth
31 Give ticket to Rick
32 Give ticket to Josh
33 Give ticket to Jeff
40 Give ticket to Harvey
65 Winner and Singh talk
70 Harvey and Singh talk
75 Winner attacks Singh
76 Harvey attacks Singh
80 Harvey attacks player
400 Player kills winner
500 Doctor Singh dies
600 Player exits
1000 Quest complete with Dr. Singh dead
90 Harvey sacrifices himself
100 Harvey dies
110 Objective to pick up note
120 Objective to pick up ingredients
130 Objective to return to Singh
140 Objective to make formula
150 Formula made, follow Singh
160 Objective to administer formula
170 Formula administered
190 Quest complete with Nilesh given the formula
195 After 72 hours Nilesh is healed
3 Nilesh given lethal injection
205 Ghouls die
250 Quest complete with ghouls dead
Paradise Bay Radio [f3dnpc_ParadiseRadioQuest]
1000  Starts 72 hour timer to turn residents to ghouls