The House that Bruce Built

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The House that Bruce Built
QUEST GIVER The Pin – Back Alley Bowling in front of East City Downs
LOCATIONS Back Alley Bowling, The House of Bruce
QUEST ID f3dnpc_baseballquest EDITOR ID  xx008684
NPCS The Pin – Matt Leonen
Strike – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)
Washout – Adoxographist
Teddy – Crys Blue
Bench Coach – Will Handford
Catcher – Giramor
Fast Pitch Fannie – Anna Castiglioni
Baseballers – BearofZeus
Bruce – Roksys
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
REWARD Honorary Lane at Back Alley Bowling



  • In version 1.9, upon completion of the quest a Commemorative Plaque is placed in your awarded lane. This will not enable if the quest has already been done, as it is tied to the quest completion script.
  • If you attempt to steal the display skull and are caught by the cult members, they will attempt to retrieve the item. At this point, you can try and pickpocket the skull again or opt to use Bruce’s head.However, killing the cult members while they are in possession of the skull may result in the skull being lost to the void as it isn’t part of their death inventory.
  • The quest makes references to Boston Red Sox players and lore, in particular Ted “The Splendid Splinter” Williams, whose head was frozen so that his DNA could be preserved. In this alternate future, this head is used to genetically clone the player so that he can break the Curse of the Bambino. However, the name Bruce was chosen as an homage to the size of Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s head.


Back Alley Bowling [f3dnpc_baseballquest]
10 The Pin gives the player the quest and objective to find head


20 Weightlifter’s house investigated
30 Second clue found on nearby baseball field
40 Cult home entered
50 Head stolen
60 Bruce freed
70 Bruce killed and head taken
80 Objective to return head to The Pin
90 Cult members killed
95 Bruce’s head returned
100 Optional head returned
200 Quest complete
500 Quest failed