Three Little Wastelanders

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Three Little Wastelanders
QUEST GIVER Intercom – Neighborhood just outside Old Gullet Sinkhole
LOCATIONS Old Gullet Sinkhole, Franz’s Bunker, Annie’s Bunker, Abraham’s Bunker, Carlos’ Bunker
QUEST ID f3dnpc_bunkerquest EDITOR ID xx0030F8
NPCS Wolf – Matthew Dixon
Annie – Ginger Roll
Franz – James McLauchlan
Carlos – Jessica Osborne
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Three Little Wastelanders [f3dnpc_bunkerquest]
10 Intercom enables Wolf


20 Accept violent route
25 Complete violent route
30 Accept non-violent route
40 Get terminal key
50 Holotape loaded into terminal
60 Franz exits bunker
64 Get transponder
65 Get radstag head
70 Objective to place transponder or threaten Annie
75 Place transponder
80 Place ragstad head
90 Annie and Franz depart bunker
110 Carlos’ bunker unlocked
120 Find more info on Carlos
130 Confront Carlos
170 Wolf dead
175 Quest complete with Wolf dead
180 Violent route, Annie and Franz run for Carlos’ bunker
184 Player engages Annie and Franz
185 Violent route, Annie and Franz scene
190 Violent route, Annie and Franz go in Abe’s bunker
200 Annie or Franz killed
210 Wolf asks player to find alternate route
220 Abe’s bunker found
400 Quest complete
500 Wolf dies, quest fails