Quest Giver Terynne – Enters Wuunferth’s chambers if he’s asleep or away
Locations Windhelm Palace of the Kings, Frost Peak Cave
Prerequisites None
Related Quests None
Enemy Level None Class  None
Quest ID Terynnequest Editor ID xx377d79
RefIDs Terynne (Spacefiddle) – xx37e8c4
Female Mage (Potasticpanda) – xx3796dd
Ruined Tome – xx3796d7
Necromancer01 – xx37969c
Necromancer02 – xx37969d
Necromancer03 – xx37969e
Restoration Tome – xx379e8cb
Reward Transformation Tome

– Transformation calls up ShowRaceMenu
– This quest was conceived after a discussion on the forums

Transformation (TerynneQuest)
Stage Information
 20 Quest started
 30 Entered Frost Peak Cave
 5 Killed all necromancers
 50 Gave Terynne ruined tome
 80 Gave Terynne restoration tome
90 Decided not to help Terynne
200 Quest ends without helping Terynne
120 Terynne casts spell
160 Tome given to player
300 Quest complete