Meet the Actor – Deedee Harwood

Everyone has a different opinion on what a male Dark Elf should sound like.  There are raspy voices cut from the Ashlands of Morrowind, the Australian accent used in Skyrim, and whatever it was they used in Oblivion.  With female voices, there are no quarrels, no police cuffing the developers for murdering their childhoods.  Although generally, most would agree that you want your Dark Elves – male, female, or transgender – to sound, well, dark.

Finding a voice for Gilsi wasn’t easy, because while she was a cold, unforgiving Dunmer, she was also young and petulant.  Deedee’s voice had that perfect cocktail of maturity mixed with a shot of innocence, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve recently taken up drinking.  She was fantastic.  In addition to being all things fantastical she was also Australian, which blended that much better with her male counterparts.

When I decided to set up this blog, Deedee was actually the first guinea pig I contacted, being the newest voice addition.  I was actually going to time the release of this post with the new version, but things got delayed and plans got changed.  Thus, the questions are a bit thin compared to the others, but Deedee did her best not to be offended.

How did you find out about the mod?
My daughter Kaitlyn introduced me to it. She was voicing Yseld and encouraged me to try out for Gilsi.

What do you think of the character you voiced?
Gilsi is awesome. I love her haughtyness. I can understand her jealously towards Eldawyn and her absolute infatuation with Nelos. She was extremely fun and easy to play, perhaps that’s because MAYBE i’m too much like her. I look forward to voicing her in the future.

Do you share any similar traits with Gilsi?
Lol…possibly, most definitely. I certainly don’t let people walk over me. She is strong willed like me. And I find that jealously can actually be your undoing.

How are you different?
Hmm. I think I have more heart because I don’t think I could kill a relative… OH and I don’t have pointy ears….damn.

Gilsi is an Ice Mage, Are you more of a Ice, Fire, Wind or Lightning kind of person?
I’ve been told many times I can be very ‘cold’ but damn I can go off like a firecracker!  :P

What do you think of Gilsi’s look and character design?
I think she’s perfect, I think her look is perfect. When my daughter and I first saw a screenshot of her we both exclaimed “SHE HAS YOUR HAIR!” Like me she is attractive…and she takes care of her appearance. I like the fact that she doesn’t give a damn what people think…well..except for her Nelos.

Were you a fan of Skyrim before working on this project?
Actually no, but I am now. :) I had only seen the game lying around at home.

What are your favourite video games?
I lean towards Final Fantasy. Most likely because its turn based, I find it easier since I’m new to the gaming scene.

What are your thoughts on bees?
Funny enough I love bugs! And often feel sorry for them and perform a rescue. I have been known to wear live rhinoceros beetles as jewellery and scare my co workers.

What kind of Mic do you use and what difficulties did you run into in your recording environment?
I use Kait’s microphone which is a Samson C01U USB Condenser Microphone and the rest of her equipment. Thanks to Kris and his excellent suggestions, I was able to modify our lounge room with rugs on the floor, Blankets on the windows and blankets hanging on each side of the microphone on clothes drying racks and this helped eliminate echo and noise from the computer.

Do you have any previous acting experience?
None what so ever but I seriously enjoyed this opportunity to voice Gilsi.

What made you interested in voice acting?
I wanted to have an interest in what my daughter’s hobby’s are.

Your email says you’re in Australia, Who would win in a fight a Kangaroo and Russell Crowe?
I seriously think it would be the Roo, Those big ones can rip you apart and kill you.

If you play Skyrim what sort of character would you play?
I’m going to play Skyrim….probably some sort of mage since I love the magical classes.

I would like to thank Kris for choosing me to voice Gilsi. It was an awesome experience and lots of fun and I look forward to working with him in the future.


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