Trailers and Teasers – Alassea

More from Ronja Monto. I also gave her some singy song lyrics with no melody, and she spun them into medieval gold. This character is also going to be a follower and possibly more.


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  1. This mod seems to be very heavily biased towards law and order. Only 5 NPCs a ready to commit crime, 2 of them are useless in combat, 1 provides no additional commentary (so, he isn`t really more interesting than, say, Lydia), Skjarn`s ego is plain annoying. And to get Morndas you need a walkthrough, since Blood of Kings questline has a huge number of prerequisites, including visiting at least 3 obscure dungeons. Besides, she despises assasins anyway, so she makes no sense as a companion for a DB assasin.

    1. in general, criminals are the minority in a population, killers even more so. That being said, Rumarin, the follower with the most lines in the game and an admitted criminal, is set incorrectly. He should be Any crime. Will fix.

      Similarly, it’s possible crime NPCs just aren’t set correctly, as the default when making a new NPC is “no crime.” As for your complaint about prerequisites, the main quest is that way for logistical reasons. Having completed those quests means there won’t be conflicts with the NPCs who partake in it.

      1. Thanks for your answer. :)

        BTW, Skyrim is a feudal kingdom in the middle of a civil war, and civil wars tend to attract all types of scavengers – marauders, unscrupulous mercenaries, etc…

        1. Yeah, as I stated in the post below, a significant number of followers and NPCs are on the bad side of neutral – I’m guessing you were confused by the default “no crime” setting that the CK gives. I either forgot or never bothered to change it for a lot of NPCs.

          There are over 150 NPCs, and no two are alike. I think it’s safe to say that almost every type of alignment, occupation, and personality type is represented in the mod in some way.

  2. Vardath and Lurgok also need to be switched to “Any crime.” Dagri’lon as well.

    Really, I think that’s where the problem is, they’re set up wrong in the CK, and you haven’t met these followers so you don’t know they’re criminals. Although Qa’Dojo is set to “any crime,” so really I have no idea what you’re looking at.

    There’s a good amount of non “law and order” followers and non-followers in the mod. Haakon and Lyrik are actually in jail when you meet them. Larkspur is a former bandit. Most criminal NPCs also are harder to find because well, they’re crooks.

    I don’t no who the “no additional commentary” NPC is. You should name them.

    1. she’s one of the new characters introduced in the darkened steel questline, not a regular npc.

      the readme always has information on this sort of thing.

      the ones that are found in the world are listed that way under the respective holds. Otherwise they are listed in the quest section.

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