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Just want to share some changes that will be a par of version 3. This is a blurb I was working on for the description page, hence the tone.

Interesting NPCs began as a project to bring color and life to Skyrim. However, the early characters were rather modest creations – a direct result of my own limitations with the CK. Over time, as my modding skills have improved, those NPCs have evolved into companions, spouses, and quest givers. Yet as a product of this unusual development cycle, any quest that involves an older NPC may require having met them previously. As I am still unable to create new lands, it may require clearing vanilla obstacles to prevent the possibility of conflicts.

To help rectify this, many of the innkeepers will provide notes directing you to Quest NPCs that are harder to find. Meeting them will ensure you can meet the prerequisites organically. This will result in many small quests whose only goal is to meet the NPC.

For instance, if you start the game and go directly to Zora, upon speaking to her a quest “A Field of Cotton” will complete in your journal. This may seem peculiar to long time users of the mod. New users, however, might first talk to Orgnar, who will give them a note to search Brittleshin Pass. Reading said note starts the quest, finding Zora completes it. This is a huge help in finding Gorr after his initial departure.

Couriers will also help guide you to NPCs when two are involved in a quest. Find one, and a courier will lead you to the other. Another thing I’ve added are filler NPCs that just point you to the quest starter.


This NPC, for instance, voiced by SageHalo, will direct you to two harder to find quest starters. Ytharil in particular is extremely hard to find given the location of her barrow is not on any map. Having a quest marker point the way is extremely convenient. In hindsight, I probably should have used NPCs like this as opposed to the innkeepers, but at least the notes will be less resource intensive.

The other primary changes that need to be noted are thus:

Duraz is the only NPC who did not make it. She will still be in the Old Hroldan Inn, but as a deaf/mute. “Setstage 3dnpcenable 1” will turn on her dialogue as well as other silent commentary and conversations with Valgus and Qa’Dojo.

• Similarly, there is also a mechanism to remove NPC dialogue, by setting the quest that holds their base dialogue to stage 500. For example, to remove Yushari‘s dialogue, simply type “Setstage DialogueYushari 500” and she will be a mute. Scenes with other NPCs will remain.

Quest names can be found using the HELP command in the console.  However, essential/quest NPCs cannot have their dialogue removed, as the player may not be aware exactly how much content they are removing.

• If I think of anything else, I’ll update here. There should be increased compatibility with other mods, including Convenient Horses and EFF, in addition to AFT and Simple Multiple Followers.


3 thoughts on “Creation Kit – Notes on v3

  1. But because of the increasing size of this mod, I think this may be the last version I DL. I need space for other stuff, also.

  2. I actually kind of liked those quests being triggered by certain vanilla Innkeepers. In a way, it made the NPCs more connected to the vanilla world; made them seem like characters were actually aware of them.

    Of course, I like the “filler NPCs” concept much more. It allows you to have much more flexibility with the dialogue. So yay!

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