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Originally, I wanted to do a census of all the NPCs added by the mod, but that was too much work. So I whittled it down to data on the followers alone.

The pie chart is more or less what you would expect when factoring in the location of the game. Still, minorities collectively make up more than two-thirds of the mod’s followers, which is fine given diversity is lore friendly on such a micro scale. The chart shows I definitely need to add more Elven followers – Raynes and Rumarin are the only ones of their race, and both are male.

Surprisingly, Orcs make up the second largest contingent, although that includes Duraz. The Undead, at a healthy 7%, may also have a say in the coming election.

chartgoThis chart lists the followers by class. In the interest of space, the Thief class bundles together both thieves and assassins, which interestingly enough are split along gender lines, with males (Raynes, Vawkes) being the killers and females (Morndas, Jade) being the cutpurses.

The most common classes are Mage and Warrior, but this chart doesn’t break it down by type. Meaning, given there are five schools of magic and heavy/light weapons and armor, it makes sense these two would have greater representation.

The one part that might be a bit skewed is the number of male mages, but males in general outnumber women by 2 to 1. This is because female voice actors are harder to find, and the issue of whether women exist on the internet is still up for debate.


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  1. I’m female. If you have any female NPC’s that need voicing in the near future, I’d like to audition. Looks like I just missed the audition for Duraz, but that’s ok. The lady who’s voicing her sounds great!

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