Trailers and Teasers – Beatrice Redux

Technically, as with Fjona, Arisen1 never finished this character. What I did was cut out the half dozen lines or so that never were recorded. And yet, while the quest still functioned without the missing lines, there were stillĀ things that needed to be addressed, both with the writing and the audio quality.

So with Arisen1 absent, I had Alice re-record this NPC as well, and I really think the new version is better on all fronts. Originally, when Alice proposed using a Yorkshire accent, I wasn’t completely sure it would work, but hearing it in action does make Beatrice seem more like the “erstwhile savage” she claims to be. As always, the actor knows best.

The video is a prime example of the aforementioned improvements. Having her walk over to a standing Urzub really heightens the feel that they are giving a demonstration to the player. I also like how Urzub is a reluctant participant in her various antics, standing just long enough for her to finish her speech before returning to quiet contemplation. The poetry has also been altered to be more rhythmic, and I think the overall effect is a much better presentation of the character as a whole.


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