3DNPC v3.05.2

2013-11-18_00001Here is version 3.05.2, the second of ten weekly updates until a full Nexus release. This week we don’t really have much of anything, not even a good screenshot, mostly because the majority of work I did on the mod is for a quest that won’t be ready for some time, depending on actor availability, worldspace creation, and things of that nature. For example, the Thousand Words quest was written, programmed, and tested back in December. Still not in the mod. Other quests get done over the weekend. You just never know.

I did hope to have Mithril‘s little quest done by now, but that too will have to be put on hold until it’s fully voiced. However, the base lines will now be active as the backstory and things of that nature are now recorded. You just can’t complete her request. That and the other quest audio I did receive accounts for the difference (about 25MB) in size from last week. As for other changes, there’s also some quest failsafes implemented as well as one important fix, the dismissal function of Ylgyne, which was still incorrectly conditioned in 3.05.1. Now it should work.

In other news, zhaarteth has agreed to help index the ReadMe section, as the increasing size of the mod makes it that having a single page isn’t ideal for navigation. So hopefully when he’s finished we’ll have a nice little Table of Contents that allows you to navigate more freely.

3DNPC v3.05.2 (90MB Zip Download) – REQUIRES v3.05 INSTALLED

New NPCs
• Mithril (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Jerulith (Jessica Osborne)
Carmella (Katie Votapka)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.05
Fenced InMorndas asks to meet fence but script referenced wrong quest.
Immortal Coil – Added wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor patrol in Markarth for first phase of the quest and objective to ensure PC talks to Froa upon retrieving the soul gems. Also added objective to return to Widow’s Watch.
• Froa’s 100+ Post-Quest audio files were not included in 3.05
Hagravi missing marriage lines added
• Dropped HP of Darkened Steel NPC and added failsafe script to ensure proper outcome
• Ylgyne dismissal was incorrectly conditioned to Meresine being in your group as opposed to Ylgyne
• Removed instances of double voices for Larkspur, Duraz, and Yushari
S’vashni‘s minimum level raised to 20


10 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.05.2

  1. Any chance these updates might take a look at Rumarin losing his bound weapons after you complete Rumarin’s quest? He’s my favorite but he’s just running around punching things now.

    1. He never “loses” his weapons. They’re added to his permanent inventory the same way vanilla followers have a permanent hunting bow.

      If he’s not using them, it has to do with how the AI determines what weapon/spell to use, although i’m not sure why it would choose bare fists over the bound weapons. The quest simply adds a spell, not sure if that would affect how the AI functions.

      1. Well for me, Rumarin used to use his bow. After some long time, he switched to his fists for some reason…then he went to his bound sword.

        I much preferred him using the bow, because I use a bow, and that way he isn’t standing in front of 10 enemies I want to shoot. Not quite sure how to “fix” this but it’s a minor inconvenience anyway and not a particularly big deal for me.

        Except sometimes I accidentally kill Rumarin and have to resurrect him. Woops. :x

      2. I found the mod Convenient Horses can cause him to lose his bound weapons since it has a system that gives followers a temporary weapon *despite them having their own* during mounted combat. Also when Rumarin‘s in bleed out mode in combat his bound weapons seem to vanish from him, but i have yet to confirm if it is down to AFT. I have had to re-add his bound sword using console codes.

        P.S: If he uses his sword but it’s invisible then you need to use console codes to remove the bound sword then re-add it and it should be visible again :)

  2. Ha ha this is gonna sound silly, and I can’t believe I never noticed this before, but do the NPCs of your mod have any commentary on when the dragonborn is naked? I’ve been testing armor mods, mixing and matching at the Skyforge, and every now and then I’ll be without armor. I think I’ve heard Eorlund Gray-Mane mouth off about my nudity several times now, but not a single peep out of Daenlyn whom I’ve been playing dress up with. xD

  3. Can I ask what happens when NPCs are “re-recorded”?

    Does this mean you get a new voice actor, or you didn’t like some lines and got the same person back to redo them, or the person got a clearer microphone and wants to redo them… What exactly /is/ it?

    1. Sometimes new actors, sometimes old actors get a better mic.

      Re-records are typically the nuclear option. It’s usually when there’s a combination of factors that necessitate a change. Jerulith I wanted to change the dialogue and make a quest, and the old actor was too busy to do the new lines. Carmella I wanted to improve the audio, change the dialogue, and make a quest and the old actor was busy.

      Iria is an example of a character who I wanted to redo, and the old actor (Adoxographist) was willing to do the lines. Adox will also be redo-ing Ureni at some point. If the old actor is willing and reliable, I generally give them all the time they need to redo.

      1. You’re very dedicated to this mod. Do you have a job and all and this is considered a hobby? Or do you wanna get into bigger things relative to this later on in life?

        Or is that too personal of a question to ask?

  4. Hi, not really sure where to post this, so putting it here:

    I’ve recently turned on Papyrus logging to try and figure out what’s dragging my basically fresh-started game down, and I’m seeing a whole slew of warnings about something to do with this mod and Mzinchaleft (ex: Warning: Property Alias_Falmer2 on script QF_Mzinchaleft3DNPC_2_032AC1DD attached to Mzinchaleft3DNPC_3 (442AD386) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property). Is this normal, or is some mischief afoot?

    1. these property errors are always meaningless. it’s just warning you that this property has been removed from the script.

      Yes, papyrus, I know. In fact, the entire script has been deleted. On purpose. Of course, when these errors show up it never fails to make everyone freak out.

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