3DNPC v3.05.4


Here is version 3.05.4, the fourth of ten weekly updates until a full Nexus release. Similar to last week, I spent most of my time working on things outside of the mod. In particular, this website.

One thing I wanted to do was stress test this motherfucker. But judging by the speeds I’ve gotten so far, I decided it was best to purchase a more expensive plan. And while we won’t have that sweet, sweet WordAds money, GoogleAds should be enough to fit the monthly server costs, I hope. Right now it’s just showing a stupid tan box at the bottom. Stop that, Google.

3DNPC v3.05.4 (91MB Zip Download) – REQUIRES v3.05 INSTALLED

New NPCs
Mithril (Ronja Monto)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Jerulith (Jessica Osborne)
Carmella (Katie Votapka)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.05
• Increased difficulty by adding reanimated corpses and healing mechanic to Forgotten Lore
• Provided option to turn in Talos worshipers for Immortal Coil
Fenced InMorndas asks to meet fence but script referenced wrong quest.
• Immortal Coil – Added wandering, potentially hostile Thalmor patrol in Markarth for first phase of the quest and objective to ensure PC talks to Froa upon retrieving the soul gems. Also added objective to return to Widow’s Watch.
• Froa’s 100+ Post-Quest audio files were not included in 3.05
Hagravi missing marriage lines added
• Dropped HP of Darkened Steel NPC and added failsafe script to ensure proper outcome
Ylgyne dismissal was incorrectly conditioned to Meresine being in your group as opposed to Ylgyne
• Removed instances of double voices for Larkspur, Duraz, and Yushari
• S’vashni’s minimum level raised to 20


32 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.05.4

  1. Well done KT, really love the new site and layout! Especially love the bandwith, downloading the big files will be a breeze now! Keep up the great work,it’s always much appreciated, cheers! :)

  2. My plan is use one mod each time, after so many problems… house, clothes, weapons and things are cool, but the repetition value is very low.

    3dnpc puts a lot of behavior inside Skyrim, a sense of existence and not just a improved themed park full of new toys. But i dont like to update so many times, even alone, any mod become very unstable in Skyrim, is the volatile nature of the engine.

    Do you have a plan for the 3dnpc definitive version? the final version?

    1. I update the mod almost every day and my game doesn’t become unstable. Although the more things are added, sure there’s a higher likelihood it may conflict with something else.

      but if those conflicts are identified, then perhaps workarounds can be made. Regardless, you’re not forced to update. You can make this version your “final one” if you wish.

      1. Believe, is not because of your mod the problems with the game during the last two years.

        Bethesda is a good house of games, but they are masters in all levels of quality and lazyness with a product, is not just an issue, is a ancient tradition. Especially with the limitations of ported to console first, and keep viable for PC second.

        3dnpc and Falskaar, by far my two favorites, but not together of course. Sorry if you understand my comment as negative, i have no issues with the 3dnpc, just good moments.

        Keep the good work.

  3. Since this update, I’ve noticed that Froa seems to have the grey-face bug. That said, she very easily could have had it before and I just didn’t notice.

    Anyway, the impression I got after searching around, I thought this bug was fixed by Bethesda a while ago. Any ideas what it might be? Of course, I have a ton of other mods that might be the culprit, just thought I’d ask here first.

    This is an excellent mod, and couldn’t even think of playing without it, thanks for your time and effort.

      1. It seems that I have them–in meshes/facegen//3dnpc. Huh… maybe she looks okay? I just thought her lips looked too white, her face a bit grey… no way to know for certain unless I get her naked. ;) Is there a console command for that?

        Again, I guess it could be another mod–I recently added xvision children, not sure why that would have an effect, although I am using a compatibility patch, so the changes affect your kids. Could that have done it?

        Thanks again.

      1. I haven’t even opened the CK in many a moon. Maybe I’ll just re-DL the meshes. I’ll do it now. Is that all I need?

        1. I think I know what might be going on–when I first updated to 3.05.4, I did via the Nexus Mod Manager–realizing I’d made a mistake by the wonky way Nexus updates–I re-downloaded the master file, then manually updated. Maybe I’m simply missing some files? The thing is–as you know, it’s a huge fucking file. Oh well, It might be best to just do it.

  4. Damn, still no makeup…. Should I re-download 3.5, then update again to 3.5.4? Or would it be a waste of time, considering I’ve already got the meshes?

    I just had a thought–were both the files you just sent supposed to go in meshes? What about textures?

    1. the .NIF file is meshes, the other is for the textures folder.

      But I’d check the size of your Data/Sound/Voice/3dnpc.esp file. Is it over 2GB?

      If not, then you should install the main file and then the update, because you’ll be missing a lot more than a few meshes and textures.

      1. Doh! Okay–I’ll try that. You know, you really should get payed for this–this is the best customer service I’ve had in ages! Thanks for the effort.

      1. only 19.8 mbs! I bet that’s missing quite a bit….surprised I could get through Mortal Coil–a great quest BTW.

  5. Could author and info in the module’s header be filled out? It’s just “DEFAULT” and blank, respectively. Many modders put version info into there so you can go directly to the core component to find which version of a mod they’re using.

      1. In the window where you designate modules to load in the CK, you can alter the author and description. No saving needed, it auto-updates. Even if you alter a module that isn’t loaded or set to load.

        These are also part of the File Header record when viewing the module in TES5Edit.

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