Nuka World Patch Teaser

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There’s plenty of reasons why I didn’t make a DLC patch for Interesting NPCs, mostly because I hadn’t played them. In fact, I have a hard time playing much of anything when I can mod stuff instead. I was, however, due to testing reasons, forced to play Nuka World, and I figured I might as well scribble some lines for the companions along the way.

Fallout4 2016-09-03 21-41-20-64.avi_snapshot_00.21_[2016.09.03_22.35.27]

It’s also easier when you only have three companions to deal with as opposed to seven, and even more so when the actors are committed to voicing them. The DLC doesn’t appear to be too long, so the writing should get done rather quickly, but a release depends on how long it takes to get recorded.

I might as well do Far Harbor and Automatron too, but we’ll see how it goes.


4 thoughts on “Nuka World Patch Teaser

  1. Cool. I’m waiting for the GOTY edition to make a full playthrough. It’s good to know I can bring Audrey&co to the DLCs :)

    Thanks again for creating awesome content, Kris.

  2. Great news – looking forward to the patch. Very much appreciate all the effort from you and the voice actors. Player-NPC interactions are what makes the game work for me – and your mod has the best I’ve seen.

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