The Great Green Jewel

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The Great Green Jewel
QUEST GIVER Brennan – Townhouse across the street from Marlborough House
LOCATIONS Townhouse, Boston Public Library, Copley Station, Auction House, Concord Museum, Fairline Hill Estates
QUEST ID f3dnpc_Jewelquest EDITOR ID  xx02a846
NPCS Brennan – CK MacNamara
Derrick – Matthew Dixon
Sophie – Lila Paws
Gene – Giramor
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After finding the location of the “Shot Heard Round the World,” Brennan mentions time is of the essence. As a result, if the Sole Survivor attempts to retrieve more than one item, Sophie will have killed the three before they could return.


The Great Green Jewel [f3dnpc_Jewelquest]
10 Enter the townhouse
20 Brennan goes to Copley station
30 Arrive at station
40 Enter library, Brennan checks catalog
50 Clues enabled
90 All 3 clues found
100 Brennan spoken to
110 Baseball found
120 Ring found
130 Poem found
140 Two Items taken, McConnells killed
150 Return to Townhouse
160 Item removed from inventory
180 Objectives displayed
185 Quest completed by killing Sophie and guards
190 Quest completed by paying McConnell debt
400 Quest completed by leaving McConnells to die
500 Quest failed by retrieving multiple items

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  1. I’m having an issue where Brennen won’t do anything in the library. He just follows me around like a companion and won’t continue the quest Great Green Jewel.

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