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You’ve Got Mail
QUEST GIVER Marion – Nahant Post Office outside Croup Manor
LOCATIONS Nahant Post Office, CIT Dormitory, Cambridge Police Department
QUEST ID f3dnpc_mailquest EDITOR ID xx001F9A
NPCS Frank Taylor – Bigcowfeet
Marion – Marion Toro
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
REWARD Workshop T-Mail terminal



  • The T-Mail terminal was originally meant to be square to make it easier to read, but the square terminals are wired from the bottom making it almost impossible to set up.
  • Completing this quest will allow Marion to T-mail you modded quest locations and points of interest, in addition to vanilla quest commentary.
You’ve Got Mail [f3dnpc_mailquest]
10 Entering trigger box in the post office initiates scene between Marion and Frank


20 Get quest objective, network cards enabled
30 Pick up network card #1
40 Pick up network card #2
50 Objective to return
100 Quest complete

2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Is the terminal in that you get at the end of this quest supposed to show you the locations for all the new added quests for this mod? I installed it and went through all my mail, but only ended up getting one quest from it (The Green Jewel Thief).
    I was hoping it would be a useful tool to find all the modded quests and update when you add more quests to the mod like the upcoming Paradise Bay mission.
    Let me know! Thanks :)

    P.S, this is the greatest quest mod ever

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