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A couple notes on this latest update. In the tweaks section, I mention the removal of certain NPCs and turning them into vanilla clutter. Rest assured, they will not be permanently removed from the mod, as you can do that on your own if you dislike them via the console.

The reasons for this are two. In some cases, the dialogue has been altered in anticipation of an overhaul, and the old files don’t match the new script.

In other cases, I just wasn’t comfortable having such an old NPC be the first one you encounter. Given I can’t control the user experience, I can only hope that the first person you meet is representative of the overall quality of the mod. Temporarily removing some of the characters – like the placeholder audio I myself voiced, and voiced horribly, for instance – in addition to some archaic NPCs will help that.

NOTE: If you downloaded the mod BEFORE the appearance of this note, I need to replace the BSA. Sorry. It had 2 auto-generated blank, vanilla scripts in there. Hate when it does that shit and doesn’t tell anyone, but mostly I hate myself for not catching it earlier. 

Luckily, the fix is VERY simple. Just click on this wall of text to download – and replace the torrent BSA file with this one. The files below have already been updated. 

3DNPC v3.04 FULL [1.8GB Torrent] 
UPDATE FROM v3.03 [350 MB zip]

New Quests
Thrice-Bitten, Once Shy (Matthew Dixon, Lindsey Lorraine)
The Gales of Guilt – (Giramor, Isaac Silbernberg aka MagnusDux, J.T. Decker, Matthew Dixon, Lindsey Lorraine, Paul Kilmer)

New Follower NPCs
Meresine (Elisabeth Hunter)
Daenlyn Oakhollow (Matthew Dixon)

Voiced but Incomplete NPCs
Arghus (Daniel Hodge) – Follower Options disabled as unrecorded

Re-Recorded NPCs
• Glathriel (Alice Bell)
• Iria (Adoxographist)
• Godrod (J.T. Decker)
Okapi (Draginite)
• Sadrin/Rumarin/Edwayne/Orondil/Jaysen (Jay33721)

Alterations and Tweaks
• Moved “Meet and Greet” Quests to Miscellaneous section of the Journal
• Added bisexual marriage option for Hagravi
• Major overhaul for dialogue of Valgus and Rumarin, improved audio and writing.
• Minor revisions to dialogue of Dravos, Batheru, Callen, Olivia, and Beatrice
• Added “meet me there” to Callen for Horker Quest, Children Fair, and portions of Brother and Keeper and Sleeping Giant
• Temporarily disabled dialogue for Eleanor, Yushari, and Jeerah-Nur while they are being re-worked
• Replaced cycled silent track when mod bards play outdoors with one-time, 2 minute silent track

Bug Fixes and Failsafes
• Teleport script added to the end of “Rose Without Thorns” in case Erevan takes the long way to Kynesgrove
• Fixed audio compression issues for Jerulith. Edited her dialogue to remove the word “Justicar.”
• Northwatch prisoners showing up at Robber’s Refuge even if they haven’t been freed.
• Songstress not playing “Tale of the Tongues”
Alassea missing audio files – Affected scenes and Bard Songs like “The Journey”
Skjarn not mentioning duels
Anum-La follows in perpetuity after completion of Black Robes
• House on the Hill – Talking to Mr. Skeever advances the quest too early, will fix. Also there’s too much of a delay on the dialogue between the 3, should be more rapid fire.
Fironet – Audio files not included from dialogue split in 3.03
Tikrid‘s meet quest not completing
• Dravynea and Roggi not leaving bench after Rose Without Thorns


39 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.04

  1. Was she removed too? Awww, but she’s so… interesting! Though the first time I met her she was in underwear because of a bug which made her sales pitch look more desperate then it was intended.

    1. Yushari‘s still there, but yeah, I removed the voice. She’ll talk again, hopefully soon. I just didn’t want people’s first impression of the mod to be my placeholder acting, so I gave her vanilla voice for the time being, which I should’ve done from the start.

  2. Looking forward to downloading 3.04 with NMM. Want to get the entire download and simply remove the 3.03 in the same manner. The torrent download places the mod high on the list instead of with the Dawnguard and Hearthfire patchs. I’m too OCD to want that.

  3. Thats quite odd, I downloaded the 303 to 304 update only file, tried using the NMM add from file button, choose the 304 update zip folder, but NMM adds it as “simple borderless window” mod (probably a mod i tried out months ago and also dl and installed the same way- adding the file via NMM is something ive done twice only)
    must be a NMM cache holdover issue

      1. Same exact thing happened to me. Never even heard of the simple borderless window mod, so he’s not alone with the problem. Not sure if it’s related or not, but after installing the updating outside of NMM, its seems as though my player is level 1, or otherwise very weak. Am investigating.

        1. Well, I would venture to say it’s an NMM problem, perhaps with cataloging mods. Because I’ve never heard of that mod, never downloaded it, and looking at the update pack I don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

          The one change in 3.04 is painting textures have been added from this mod resource, perhaps that borderless window mod uses it as well and it confused NMM:

          I seriously doubt anything affects player strength. I just loaded up my lvl 66 character and 3-shotted a giant with fireballs.

          You can always try downloading the full file as well.

    1. I assume it is because of the filename of the update. Simple Borderless Window’s fileID on Nexus is 4, (yes it’s that old) and the update’s name is “3-04”. NMM is picking the “4” as the Nexus fileID, which is that mod.

      A simple overwrite in the Data folder will install 3.04. If you prefer a cleaner install/uninstall, package the whole 3.03 zip file with the new 3.04 and then install it through NMM.

  4. Crap, while investigating this weird borderless window thing, it does look the CK auto-generated two scripts on me, “Defaultsetstageondeathrefalias.pex” and “defaultghostscriptrefalias.pex”

    could remove the ghost effect and setting stage on death for some quests. ugh, will need to reupload a BSA.

    1. You could add fomod folder with info.xml into the update files, than it doesn’t matter how the file is named NMM will recognize it, and name it properly how you want. Here is an example how that file could look. pastebin_com/ZfKFEdsF

      Thank you fr the update.

  5. Yes! It’s finally released! I’ve been waiting for so long, ever since… 3.03! :D

    I actually loved Yushari‘s voice, she’s funny and talks fast. :c I hope Hjoromir is still around though. o.o He was the first interesting NPC I ever met.

  6. Wow, insanely fast release pace considering 1.) It is a mod and 2.) It is a massive project. I’m still not through so much of the original stuff and now have even more to see!

  7. Okay, this time I definitely found a nasty issue with one of the major questline episodes of the mod, the “Erevan (always think of the Armenian capital when I see him) investigating at Viola Giordano’s Party” one. Viola loses her essentiality after Blood on Ice, and is quite weak. You guessed it, DG vampires probably killed her, since her naked body was the first thing I’ve seen when entering her house, with the guests arranged around it, commenting “what a waste” and some such. For a while, I thought that the assassin in question killed her, until I realized what really happened. Then I revived her, reset her inventory, and the quest proceeded as normal.

    I didn’t really mind the vampire attacks in themselves after I decreased their frequency with Timing is Everything mod and installed one of the “adding generic NPC’s” mod, but after this, I am quite angry at that mechanic and consider just disabling it (for some strange reason, Windhelm citizens are much more vulnerable to these bastards then the inhabitants of other towns).

    I guess you could simply make her essential forever or prolong her essentiality ’till the quest in question is finished. Might be annoying if someone installs 3dnpc after she had already been killed, though.

    And a very minor issue – Lorne shouldn’t really leave you an inheritance after his death. His relationshiprank should be whacked back to 0 before his death, if possible.

    1. Probably because Lorne isn’t removed from teh follower faction, I figured it didn’t matter because he dead, but I guess not.

      Viola is probably a lot more difficult. I could resurrect her I suppose, which might be slightly less immersion breaking than talking to a corpse. Don’t want to fiddle with vanilla things.

    1. It’s not enabled on purpose. The quest isn’t voiced and hasn’t been thoroughly tested. If you still want to progress through it, you can “setstage arilwaenquest 1” but again, I’d highly recommend not doing so.

  8. Sorry to pester you further, but could you check my comments on Erevan in the “deathbroker” quest? There’s at least some potential for a serious “Guide Dang It” moment there.

  9. Just noticing that the quest Gales of Guilt could stand to be lengthened. A more definitive ending beside the brief win some, lose some dialog by Asgeld would be more satisfying, None of that law defense dialog seemed to spring from the preceeding events in a natural or fluid manner, which is not the case in all the other quests.

    1. I mentioned in an earlier post that it’s an abridged quest. I couldn’t make the execution scene work, as well as a number of other issues. The ending is a reflection of that. I just didn’t feel it was fair to the actors to can the quest entirely because of inability to mod.

      The Asgeld dialogue is important, especially at the cottage to establish the bond he has with his father, and the guilt he feels for him being imprisoned. Other than that, there’s not much to lose. Most of the expositional dialogue is completely optional, and it’s razor thin to begin with. You need to be specific. Point out a line that you feel is unnecessary rather than speaking in generics.

      As far as the law defense dialogue, vagueness is again a problem here, but I’ll attempt to debate it anyway. It’s Foromir‘s version of what happened at the cottage. I didn’t want to have objective markers there so I’m holding the player’s hand, the evidence there should be enough to cross-examine him. Both questions can be refuted based on the evidence provided, and missteps can reinforce Foromir’s testimony. Again, be specific with regard to your criticism. Natural and fluid doesn’t really mean anything – you could be even talking about game mechanics – so it’s hard to debate your point because it’s so vague. Specific suggestions are even better. How would you make it more “fluid?”

      1. ——SPOILERS——

        I just finished the quest, the only question I have is if there’s anything after the end. In my case my know association with Rumarin ruin the whole thing, and now I’m the one feeling guilty… So, would there be a different ending had I not known Rumarin? Or the quest ends the same way?

        1. Knowing Rumarin will only dock you points, it’s not the end all be all. Answering both questions with the optimal response can result in making that association irrelevant. I did up the difficulty in v3.04.2, in that Foromir‘s surprise will dock you more points, but ultimately, the trial can be won or lost on the strength of your arguments – and render Foromir’s surprise meaningless.

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