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NPC Sex Race Preference Encounter Prerequisites
Amalee Female Nord Lesbian Eldergleam Completed Bards, Beasts, and Beauties
Daenlyn Male Wood Elf Bisexual Heartwood Mill Find his lute
Duraz Female Orc Bisexual Old Hroldan Inn Must Be Following the PC
Gorr Male Redguard Bisexual Riverwood Encountered Gorr in Markarth
Isobel Female Imperial Bisexual Falkreath Go on a date and show interest and be Thane of Falkreath
Fa’nar Male Khajiit Bisexual Robber’s Refuge Access Backstory through Inn Dialogue
Froa Female Nord Bisexual Widow’s Watch Complete The Immortal Coil
Ylgyne Male Nord Bisexual Fort Hraggstad Not be a Stormcloak
Hagravi Male Nord Bisexual Ivarstead Vanilla Requirements Only
Anum-La Female Argonian Bisexual Hjaalmarch Complete Black Robes
Raynes Male Dark Elf Gay Lost Echo Cave Own vanilla house and spoken to him at an inn about Barenziah
Rumarin Male High Elf Bisexual Yorgrim’s Overlook Own a vanilla home and have at least 1 location or quest conversation
Sweetroll Male Orc Bisexual Radiant Dark Sided with the Radiant Dark
Jaspar Male Breton Gay Dawnstar Completed The Loudest Whisper
Tikrid Female Nord Bisexual Snowpoint Beacon Own a vanilla home
Valgus Male Imperial Straight Steed Stone Own a vanilla home and taken to cemetery and convinced him to move on
Alassea Female Imperial Bisexual Darkened Steel Finish Robber’s Refuge and own vanilla house

Talk to her in the Temple of Mara

Veralene Female Breton Bisexual Solitude None
Ylgyne Male Nord Bisexual Fort Hraggstad Not be a Stormcloak
Zora Female Breton Straight Brittleshin Pass Express interest during conversation after slaying Alduinand own vanilla house