3DNPC v3.04.2

Untitled-1Here is the second of ten weekly updates before the release of version 3.05. This week was a bit strange because I ran into the problem of having an NPC – Melea Entius – whose overhaul was about eighty percent finished. However, given the importance of that remaining 20%, the only course of action was to disable it all.

As always, these releases are cumulative. You don’t have to download every week. Version 3.04.3 will include everything in version 3.04.1 and 3.04.2. Moreover, the zips will be packaged with both the Main file and the Hearthfire patch. The Dawnguard patch is unnecessary since you aren’t overwriting any vampires with this update.

3DNPC v3.04.2 UPDATE [Requires Installation of 3.04]

New NPCs
• Cassius (Randy Westbrook), Ogdul (Placeholder Audio)
Yggleif (JLawrence Kenny)

Re-Recorded NPCs
Beatrice (Alice Bell)

Temporarily Disabled NPCs
• Melea Entius (EvilSeedlet)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.04
• Black Robes (Silent, Beta Quest) – Telling Anum-La to Wait at the Mourner’s Den will cause her to wait there forever if Lattimore is sent to Winterhold upon completion.
• Improper condition for Meresine upon meeting.
• Missing files for Alassea inn dialogue and the request portion of the Journey, also Journey flagged incorrectly as “SayOnce”
Gales of Guilt – Removed “SayOnce” flag on Foromir for cases where a line is triggered too early. Asgeld now teleported to the Blue Palace if the player beats him there.
Mogo’s Mead – Dialogue may have been disconnected in v3.04 causing quest not to start, also fixed rare issue where Maven is late to the party by teleporting her into place.
Sleeping Giant – Added failsafe package to ensure Anum-La and Fjona follow


10 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.04.2

  1. I kind of wish I had not bought or played Skyrim until now. Then it would be a different experience with 3DNPC from the start. Has anyone ever started with 3DNPC as a beginning mod?

    1. I believe someone on Nexus did, and met Rumarin of all things. Although I assume most people’s first encounters would be Hjoromir and Gorr, it’s pretty interesting how varied your first time could be.

      I mean, the scary/exciting thing is I have no control over who you meet, and thus your first impression of the mod..

  2. Actually, there’s only two things I noticed so far that I would change, and they are not related to individual NPCs.

    1) Sometimes, when you talk to an NPC for the first time, you might be interrupted by errant wolves or bandits aggroing the NPC. This happened to me during my initial meeting with Carmella and later Wander-Lust. If you then resume the conversation, the NPC seems to assume the entire “first greeting” phase has been done and will offer the “not first greeting” topics. Which means a) you miss out on stuff and b) you can talk in ways that assume you said things or received information that was actually skipped over.

    2) All the letters delivered by courrier, on top of those already delivered by the vanilla game, can get annoying. I know you use them to nudge players toward some out-of-the-way characters because their meeting is required for scripts to kickstart other events, but I think you’d achieve a more organic flow if you simply let things happen on their own as the player truly explores. Plus, the thrice damned courriers would stop stalking me.

    1. I haven’t found the couriers particularly annoying. I think that the many prerequisites required for some quests already make the mod quite organic.

    2. 1) I can add have the initial dialogue based on a stage as opposed to whether’s it’s been said once. Obviously it would only be needed for outdoor NPCs or else it’d be too much of a pain to install

      2) I don’t recall there being many courier generated stuff. Majority is done via innkeep (which is optional) but I’ll keep that in mind.

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