3DNPC v3.31 SSE Alpha


Details here: http://3dnpc.com/2017/10/04/3dnpc-v3-4-for-oldrim-and-sse

Here is an alpha version of Interesting NPCs for SSE. So, let’s first talk about the mammoth in the room, a console port. It’s not gonna happen due to the size restrictions placed on Xbox mods. The limit for an individual mod is 1GB, and Interesting NPCs is close to 3GB unzipped, so until that gets raised, it won’t be on consoles. Frankly, it’s just too big, that’s what she said.

The idea of breaking it down into parts is too exhausting a process, given all the interconnected parts in the mod. Adding a quest is more than just adding the NPCs involved. It’s adding the NPCs they mention, the quests they allude to, and of course, Kevin Bacon.

With that out of the way, some notes on this version.

It is alpha for one reason. I have not saved it in the new CK. They say you have to, but here’s the thing. The CK crashes every time I try to save it. The good news is, well, you can still play it. Like, it just works(TM). The only thing I did was use the new archive tool to archive the BSA, because that’s conveniently outside the Creation Kit (It turns out the BSA I made was actually useless and full of bees, it was the loose files that I dumped in my Data folder to archive the BSA that were actually doing all the work. But it does seem to work with just loose files).

So perhaps they were wrong about having to save it in the new CK, who knows. I sure as hell don’t. When testing, I talked to Hjoromir, recruited Zora, and finished the Paper Mirror without issue. Then I went back to modding Fallout 4.

They say a lot of other things need to be re-kajiggered in the new CK, from edited cells to edited sweetrolls to blah blah blah blah blah. I haven’t done any of it, because, well, I can’t save the fucking mod. And again, for what it’s worth, in my brief testing I didn’t see any of the weird stuff that was promised would happen. But you may find weird stuff. Here’s hoping you don’t.


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    1. Ingio 2.3 works in Loose format, at least for me. The only thing is NMM is a unmitigated pile of Dragon Sh**, as a mod manager. The install and Uninstall times for Loose file is INSANE. I had accidentally double clicked the patch for INPC’s and then it started to uninstall just the Hotfix. There went the evening. Three hours later I was back in the game. No Kidding. I’m now collecting my social security checks after that fiasco.

  1. Gonna install and test. Btw, does the Dawnguard vampire mesh adon work with this version? And also, is Rumarin‘s Solstheim commentary included? Since SE includes Dragonborn anyway, I mean… If not, could it be? :)

    This is my favourite Skyrim mod, I honestly don’t know how I can play the game without it. :P

      1. the bard option when you try to play music with a bard from the mod doesn’t seems to work properly. My character is just standing there in 3rd person view. I can hear the lute from my end but no animation. And the bard npc plays just fine with proper animation. I have FINS installed, is there anybody else got the same problem like me.

  2. I downloaded the file before the thundering herd inundates the server. I will keep my fingers crossed. This mod and USLEEP will be my first additions to Skyrim SE with the newest version of NMM.

    Will you be making a mod page at the Skyrim SE Nexus site?

  3. For some reason, the NPCs are in the game, but they don’t speak. And I don’t just mean that the voice files are missing, you can’t engage in conversation with them at all, they just stare at you – right into your soul. Tried this with several NPCs added by the mod with the same result.

    Not sure if this is because I messed the installation up (Threw both files into the Data folder), or if it’s something with the files themselves. Just thought I’d mention.

  4. Even when INPCs is the only mod installed, my game CTDs when I try to enter some interiors that contain an NPC from the mod. The Sleeping Giant Inn loads fine and I can talk to Gorr, but it crashes when I try to enter the Bannered Mare or Dragonsreach. I can get into these places with no mods installed, or with mods that aren’t INPCs :(

  5. Alright, gonna give this a go. I’m also gonna try to save it in the new SSE CK and see if I get lucky. Will update once I got some more testing done.

    Saving it in the new CK is necessary because it adds the records for new references integrated in SSE, especially so if you have any cell edits that modify water areas or something similar.

    EDIT: Was the download taken down?

    1. It seemed to CTD for people in a lot of edited cells actually, but worked fine for me.

      Turns out it was because I had loose files in my Data folder, the loose files seem to work fine. Re-uploading with just that and no BSA.

  6. At least in the old Skyrim-version the size-limit on bsa was 2 GB, meaning if the limit hasn’t been increased in SSE you’re maybe hitting this if you’re putting everything in a single bsa.

  7. At least in the old Skyrim the size-limit on BSA was 2 GB. Meaning if the limit hasn’t increased in SSE you’ll likely hitting this limit if only using a single bsa.

  8. Game crashes during the quest “Before the Storm” when entering Dragonsreach. Turns out Interesting NPCs was the cause.

    1. Delete the BSA and try the loose file version (which I’ll have a link for in a minute), with the BSA CTDs seemed to be occurring for a lot of edited cells. The reason I wasn’t experiencing them when testing was because I had loose files in my Data folder which I used to make the BSA in the first place.

      When I switched to just the BSA, I started getting the same CTDs, so for now gonna try only loose files instead.

    1. so the big question as a modder here, ( i dont have the CK yet so i cant confirm or deny) but putting loose files in the data folder do work? ive seen around that they do not work with meshes and such, but from what im seeing on this is that it does work.

      1. Certain meshes need to be redone in Nifskope, I think Elianora will make a tutorial soon. I think Interesting NPCs is so mind-numbingly vanilla that there won’t be any issues, but I’m not 100% sure.

        Hence the alpha designation.

  9. okay, I’ve spent hours (yes Hours) trying to install this mod. Every time I try (using Nexus Mod Manager) it says “array dimensions exceeded supported range”. Can someone help me? This is the only mod I’ve had trouble with (and sadly the only one I was really looking forward to downloading for SSE).

    1. Not familiar with NMM, sorry.

      I just dropped in Data folder and enabled through the main menu.

      Also make sure you’re using the loose files, the BSA didn’t work, it’d CTD in edited cells.

  10. Are Arthmoor’s suggestions correct?

    BSA Files

    If your mod uses a BSA file (and pretty much any decent one ought to be if it has assets to provide), you can’t simply use that file with SSE. The game will either hang or crash at the opening menu. Fortunately all you need to do in this case is unpack your existing BSA file somewhere and then use the new archive tool that comes with the new CK to repackage it. The reason for this is that they’ve changed the header structures and compression methods.


    1. I did archive the BSA with the new tool, but it was causing CTDs (which might be tied to the fact that the ESP hasn’t been saved in the new CK), meanwhile loose files are working just fine.

      My suggestion at this point is to just try the sucker out and if something fishy happens report. If you rather wait for more information, then wait.

      Either way, my options are rather limited because the CK crashes when I try to save, and with the BSA causing CTDs – again, probably because the ESP hasn’t been saved, loose files is all we got. Until more info comes out, this is what I’m going with. Seems to work just fine though.

  11. Crash report: I walked to the boarder of Falkreath with Gorr, but upon entering Falkreath the game crashes to desktop. I then disabled 3DNPCs.esp to try again, and I was able to enter Falkreath without a crash. So, the mod caused the crash.

    PS: I am using the loose files and not the BSA.

    1. Hm, I went to Falkreath just yesterday when doing the Children Fair. You can email me your save and I can try with your variables, but I didn’t have any issues myself. Granted, which NPCs are outside differs depending on time of day.

      Might try entering the inn to see if I can replicate.

      1. It appears deleting Henrietta Entius fixes it. I wonder if she’s missing a facial export mesh or something. Weird because Morrigan and Olette are fine.

        I normally don’t export child faces because they don’t gray face. Might as well try it though.

        Edit: Yup, missing a texture file. Instead of just gray-facing, SSE will just crash your game apparently, but only if you’re missing a texture file. Renni in the Birds of a Feather face had a normal old gray face, caused by not having both mesh/tex.


  12. Getting CTD on the Alpha trying to get into the Bannered Mare at night. I think it’s both Eldaywn and Arghus, (i.e. did a “placeatme” for the 3DNPC Whiterun towns folk and both of those crash the game immediately.)

    (Larkspur, Iria, Eldar and Averna seemed ok).

  13. I found this on the Nexus talking about the bug in the archive tool and how to work around it.

    How to pack Skyrim SE mods


    1. To be honest, the only reason I made a BSA is because I thought loose files wouldn’t work without some kind of INI edit because that’s how it is for Fallout 4.

      Since loose files work by default, there’s no reason not to use them. Especially during an alpha/bug testing period. It makes it much easier to update and dish out hotfixes like the mesh/texture fix for Henrietta.

      If it was a BSA, fixing Henrietta’s face/CTD would require uploading 3GB all over again, instead of a simple hotfix.

  14. Rats, forgot about the kid in the Crabber’s life quest. No CTD, but his face will be brown without the mesh/tex. Re-uploaded the kid hotfix mesh/tex link to include his face. I think that’s all the children the mod adds, but if you find any with brown faces, let me know.

    Henrietta was a weird exception that caused CTDs because only her DDS/texture file was missing, mesh was there. The rest should be brown faced because I didn’t bother to CTRL+F4 because the original Skyrim didn’t gray face the children.

    I should also check the CK again, maybe missing mesh/tex is why it didn’t save, although I doubt it since I was able to save earlier, smaller versions of the mod, which presumably had Henrietta in them.

    1. I’ve had the CK beta, actually.

      The issue is I can’t save it. It crashes every time. I can save much earlier versions of the mod, so I’m not sure if it’s a size thing or if the CK doesn’t like a specific aspect of the file.

      I haven’t tried troubleshooting it due to lack of time. But it seems to work fine without being saved.

      1. Has anyone else tried saving the mod for you on a different PC? Just in case there is some kind of weird legacy issue with your Creation Kit.

        With this in mind, I installed the CK with the intention of attempting to save the mod myself, but trying to find clear instructions on using the thing is a nightmare. It probably take me several days of jabbing at it to get anywhere…

        1. I’ve installed this but it doesn’t seem to load any of the characters. I first installed through NMM, but also just did a raw install directly from the zip into the data directory overwriting everything. Nada.

          Any ideas why that might be?

          1. Don’t know. I just dropped in Data folder, turned on Skyrim SE, and enabled the mod via the main menu.

            An NMM installation might require jumping through whatever hoops that program wants you to jump through.

            1. Got it working. Completely disabled in in NMM and then just installed it directly into the data folder. It’s all working now. Got teamed up with fellow Redguard Gorr.

  15. Thank you really, I want to use this mod in skyrim SE, because seems like large numbers of NPC isn’t a problem for me anymore. Thank you

  16. Thank you, 3DNP is one of the mods without it i can not play Skyrim.

    About the XB1 version maybe you can make some trick to split only the BSA en 3 mods, not the esp.
    You can make a BSA with files asociated with an empy esp, that is how there are texture replacers uploaded in steam workshop.
    Then the mod could be uploaded split in 3 BSA, 2 with an empty esp (3DNPC-Resource1.esp,3DNPC-Resource12.esp) and the last will be the normal 3DNPC.esp having the 2 resources esp as masters.

  17. I am so happy to see a 3DNPC SSE alpha. I agree with you about using loose files for the time being but since I am curious and have the time I am going to start thrashing it with the CK and see what I can do.

    1. Well, mods conflict if they share something, like edits to the same object. All of that is ESP related.

      Assets would only conflict if they use the same filepath, or if they edited the same vanilla script and popped that in as a loose file, which is unlikely.

  18. Kris, I didn’t spend much time in SE with 3.31 alpha, but I wasn’t able to talk to Gorr ot Hjoromir, so I amde assumption that mod doesn’t work as intended.

    I didn’t install any other mod, it was a clean save.

  19. Hey!
    So I have installed all the loose files, and the mod appeared to be working perfectly. I recruited Gorr, spoke to Hjolmir, the only trouble seems to be when I try to enter Brittleshin Pass to go get Zora, CTD every time. Any suggestions?

  20. Hey again, another possible bug to report:

    This time it’s with marrying Valgus. Now, I know there are conditions in order to get his marriage options. My character is a female and I already have a house and I already went to Marmal to buy the Amulet of Mara.

    1. I didn’t respond rudely by telling him to move on, so stage 20 would never have happened, and it didn’t.

    2. I went to the cemetery in Whiterun to get Valgus’ cemetery dialogue, and then chose the option for him to move on: “You’re wife would have wanted you to move on”. It should be at Stage 30 by now, but the only stage that has been cleared is Stage 10.

    3. When I wear the Amulet of Mara, his dialogue is just to “choose wisely”.

    Image: http://imgur.com/geVC80v

          1. I have a save that is before initiating the Cemetery conversation, if you want me to send that to you. It’s a Beta save though. The one that was just released, Skyrim SE Version

            1. Sure, go ahead and send. Should eliminate any in-game variables if that’s what’s causing it.

              Fairly simple script though, attached to the end of the line. So only way I can’t see it working is if it’s just getting overruled.

              Maybe there’s a mod with that script in the BSA? Not sure how SSE priority works, usually loose files trumps all, but maybe different for SSE.

  21. Just sent you an email with the savefile.

    As far as I know, Interesting NPCs is the only mod I have that has loose script files. I’m not too certain about my mod load order, though.

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering if in SSE, BSA archives have priority over loose script files, meaning if you have a BSA with that same scriptname, it’s running that instead of the setstage 30 script.

      I tested with your save and got to stage 30. So I think it works with just Interesting NPCs and SSE. If there’s another mod that uses the script name, I can change the scriptname to something more specific.

      1. Thanks for testing it out. I had an idea of what mod might be conflicting with yours, so I moved 3DNPC below it. It was the mod Immersive Citizens. When I went back in game, the stage finally cleared to 30. So, problem solved, a load order issue, heh. Does that mean the Immersive Citizens is using the same name then? Well, hopefully that was all. :)

        1. Yeah a lot of the fragment scripts are just randomly generated numbers based on the Form ID, so it happens.

          If they include the source files, you can see what that script does. I’ll change the name for next version.

  22. Hey, I downloaded and installed it BUT…all the characters are black-facing. I’m not sure if it’s the mod or maybe I didn’t install it right?

    1. Maybe no loose files enabled? No issues on my end. There were a couple children with brown faces, but it was because there were no mesh/tex files in exported in the normal version of Skyrim for kids. Once I exported and uploaded the patch they were fine too.

  23. I have a noob question. If I install the alpha version, I can update to the full version which will eventually come out without problem, right? It’s just that I really like playing with Zora, and my character is progressing a little bit too far for my liking now. I just don’t wanna finish Lexicon puzzle without Zora :D Cheers.

  24. Silly Question but you are removing the original .BSA file from the directory before creating the archive?
    Once archive is completet you should have 2 .BSA files.
    1 for textures and the rest in the other.

  25. Can anyone maybe walk me through on the proper way to install this manually? I thought I knew, but it’s not showing up in my game ;-;

  26. Hello, I’ve stumbled upon the Argonian, Treads-the-Ashes, near the Wreck of the Winter War. I came here looking for more information on him, but I don’t see a page for him. Is he a new NPC that’s still being worked on?

  27. Hi Kris, i checked the alfa version after i downloaded with the tool NifScan

    The bloodgrass mesh is not compatible with SSE because it contains nifstrips, i think this kind of meshes from oldrim make SSE and CK crash when they try to load the file

    It can be corrected using the program SSE NIF Optimizer

    Another thing i see is your mod overwrite maost of the water changes in the worldrecords from Update.esm, that would make the water in those outdoor zones to be like oldrim and not with the new water flows, that is one of the things that its suposed to be updated when the mod is saved in the new CK. But if you cant save the plugin with the new CK not even after fixing the mesh those records can be corrected with SSSEdit

    1. Ok, after using NIF Optimizer the new CK still crash while saving. But I fixed the worldspace records with SSSEdit and the mesh with SSE NIF Optimizer

  28. Hi Kris can you please remove record groups from 3DNPC.esp until the Ck save crash goes away? This can be done using SSEEdit. If you eventually find the culprit you can report to Bethesda and they can fix it.
    Also this mod has like 7k pex files, which is insane. This mod is huge, almost as the base game :P

  29. Hello – Anyone know if this works with Open Cities or if there is a patch that I need for it? Last time I played (a loooong time ago) I had thought there was a beggar girl in Riften (ok.. a mini thief) that hung out around the marketplace.. Not finding her anywhere – even checked in the place where the beggars sleep…

    Thanks –

  30. I noticed while doing some troubleshooting that there were three separate copies of the 3dnpc.esp folder in meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegometry merging them all into one folder fixed my crashing issue outside of honeystrand grove (I’ve also ran the nif optimizer and fixed world space issues with SE TES5edit) hope this helps someone!

  31. Damn this was one of my favorite mods about a year or two ago back when I played in PC. I really hope it comes to Xbox eventually, even if it’s dumbed down. Or if the file limit sees an increase. I wouldn’t mind downloading it in parts but I understand if that’s too much work. Not sure if I can play without all these extra characters/quests lol

  32. How is progress going? Can we expect any more updates in the future or is this it? Anything that can be done is appreciated by everyone here I’m sure.

    1. That is a question which is still under debate within the Skyrim Mod Community. Two issues here- ‘are Loose Files stable?’ and ‘Do mods have to be converted using the new CK?’

      Loose files according to the USSEP team:
      These files are resource files, which are distributed separately to a Bethesda Softworks Archive file. They will win all conflicts against other files and can physically overwrite files from your Skyrim folder. These files include scripts, textures and meshes for your game. Loose files do not have respective ESP / ESM files to place them in the load order. Thus precedence follows the order of installation – older files are overwritten by newer ones. Make sure to pay attention to mod author notes and instructions about compatibility and installation order. This is also true, when using a mod manager.’

      The Live Another Life team state the following:
      DO NOT extract the contents of a BSA file into your Data folder as loose files, or let your mod manager perform an equivalent function on the contents of the file. Doing so will cause things to load in the wrong order and break the game. Skyrim is intended to load a BSA alongside it’s ESM/ESP file. Circumventing this causes issues which we will not provide support for. If you insist on going against this advice, you will receive no support for the problems you generate as a result of this.

      Interesting stuff and worrying for those of us with large mod lists already. I would much much happier if a mod as large as INPC could come with a BSA.

      As for converting mod using the new CK there is a general growing consensus that animations and certain texture and mesh files saved via the old CK are causing CTD’s due to incorrect ‘header titles’ being read by the upgraded engine. Are there any files like this in INPC? – I personally don’t know.

      Some really interesting further reading on community thoughts on conversion compiled by Artmoor here: http://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/4633-skyrim-se-things-to-know-when-converting-standard-mods-to-sse/

  33. I love Interesting NPC’s and consider it must be part of Skyrim. But now it conflicts with Legacy of Dragonborn… Could someone give me advice what to do i reinstalled twice, everything through mod organizer even reinstall Skyrim itself, game keeps crashing…

  34. So, I’m getting some sort of conflict with locations that are made for 3DNPCs. In the quest Darkened Steel, when I enter Wanderer’s Rest, I can be inside for as long as I don’t look back at the entrance to the cave, or as long as I don’t look at any NPC that are supposed to be in the cave, but as soon as I do, it CTDs instantly. Eventually, I gave up trying to work this out (from disabling different mods to trying different saves), and just set staged until everything was fine.

    Fast forward to A Daedra in the Dark when I need to enter Ironheart Cave, and the same thing essentially happens, but this time it’s as soon as I enter the cave. Everything else in my game is perfectly fine, and I can’t think of anything else to fix this. If someone could give me advice or a fix I’d be very thankful.

    1. Well it is in Alpha for a reason and will probably stay that way until Kris is able to save the esp in the new Creation Kit. And since it’s not possible to do without crashing, then either the CK needs to be updated to allow for saving such a large file, or Kris could split the mod, which I think would take a considerable amount of time and effort.

      As someone who has been using 3DNPC.esp in it’s Alpha stage since SSE came out, I can say that I have not experienced any game breaking bugs as of yet. I’ve completed a few quests without any problems, as well as got followers to follow me around. Namely Rumarin, Valgus, Zora, and Gorr. I was able to successfully marry Valgus and he also moves to new houses as I ask him without any issues.

    2. I’ve played up to lvl 35 so far with the mod enabled, and the only problem I’ve come across so far is that Edwayne, the vampire in the Bard’s college, is suffering from grey face and that’s probably because my load order is a mess :P. Everything else is working just as it should. I’ve talked with many of the 3DNPCs, did some trading with the Redguard smith in Morthal, had Skjarn and Zora follow me around, completed Zora’s personal quest, completed Erevan‘s personal quest. So glad this got ported, absolutely essential part of my load order <3

  35. I’ve found a small bug. The vanilla skeleton “conscious idle” sound has a tendency to get stuck and follow the player around – the Unofficial Patch removes it. I’m getting the same thing with Skjal the Grey – his idle sound followed me even after I dismissed him. By removing the sound in xEdit, it went away.

    No other issues after several weeks of using this alpha.

    1. So with the unofficial patch I won’t have this problem? I have no experience with xEdit and wouldn’t like to encounter this problem. If I do, any easy way to solve it? (remove a soundfile maybe?)

  36. Thank you for giving me and others the chance to enjoy interesting NPCs again in SSE. I remembered it to be one of the best mods for Skyrim (NPC related) and wouldn’t enjoy SE without. Downloading the alpha now.

  37. The update on the CK allowed me to save the alpha and it now has file header 44
    I was also able to repack the mod into .bsa’s but no idea if it is worth it

      1. CK crashes upon saving because of three references: xx500110, xx500111, xx500112 in World Space 3DNPCGabianasWorld.

        For these three reference no cell exists in the world space. Hence CK cannot put then anywhere. CK is already telling you that in the warnings when it loads the ESP (among some other things that should be addressed).

        It is you own worldspace so no master before your mod created the cells for you and you have to make sure the cells are present. The clouds are just placed out of bounds in the end.

        How to fix: Draw a proper region around the worldspace, so there are no missing cells are where you placed objects. Reason for the problem? Can only speculate what happened in the past during editing in CK or xEdit.

        If you need a hand fixing this or other errors feels free to contact me.

        PS: There is also an overlapping NavMesh in HlaaluFarmExterior where a new NavMesh does not properly replace an existing one – change FormID xx180800 to 000d3669 in xEdit, refinalize in CK and save.

    1. Class, thanks very much. do the .bsa’s actually work or does it have ta be loose files? loose files is causing a mighty save bloat

  38. I am trying to use this unpacked in SE, but can’t recruit any followers or buy/sell from any merchants that this mod adds. I have tried deleting and replacing the individual files and starting another character, but get the same problem. Any ideas?

  39. Hello, I’ve been using the Special Edition version of the mod for a while, and It has been working great, until I tried to enter the Silver Blood Inn… then I CTD every time, I disabled the mod and entered fine so I think it is Interesting NPCs what is causing the problem, I wouldn’t even consider playing with out this mod, so please, I need help.

      1. Works fine for me. Try it with just Interesting NPCs, on a new game, then add batches of mods until you can get a CTD and narrow it down.

        You can also send me a save, kristakahashi@gmail.com, since NPCs move around, it’s also possible an NPC is in your inn that isn’t in mine.

        So far only CTDs with the SSE version have been the result of missing face textures for NPCs, particularly children because Oldrim didn’t require you export them (Oldrim also doesn’t crash, SSE does, but only if you’re missing texture but have the mesh, oddly enough)

        1. it is Ok, I uninstalled the Mod, erased it completely and then re-installed it again, weird thing, the Nexus Mod Manager didn’t allow me to load the Interesting Npcs’ esp file to the bottom, after I re-installed it, the Esp file is the last one and the ctd is gone. thanks for the Mod anyway, as I said, Skyrim would not be half as awesome as it is with your Mod.

  40. I installed with Mod Organizer, and it seems to be working fine. I’ve recruited both Anum La and Skjel at separate times, but I always get the “too many people in your party” message whenever I have one and try to recruit the second. I’ve tried both AFT and EFF, but I’ve had no luck.

    With Oldrim, I used FLP and traveled with both Zora and Skjel, so I’m not sure what’s wrong, here. (I haven’t yet found an FLP version for SSE.)

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  41. I got FLP to work, but that didn’t help.

    So I tried the console commands:

    set playerfollowercount to 0
    show playerfollowercount

    The system says “0.0000” but Anum La still says “are you starting a new company?”.

  42. I dont know if this mod is causing it but every NPC now has an option that says “…” just 3 periods like that. this option does nothing but talk about the weather or some other small talk

  43. I wanted to let you know that you can save this in the 64bit CK. The problem are the books inside labeled “QA.” They are full of unnecessary characters (for translations I gather?) and will cause the CK to crash. Empty those out/rewrite them and you can save it and pack it up for SSE :)

      1. I hope so, too. Just make sure you reclean in SSEdit. Also note that after saving the file you have to export all the facegen data again if you see black faces.

  44. Really hope you have plans to make a stable version for Skyrim SE sometime soon. Would love to have this mod when I start my 1st Skyrim SE playthrough. Whenever I recommend people Skyrim mods this one is always the first I mention. It makes the game feel so much more alive and … interesting. =)

  45. Not sure if this report will be relevant since I currently dont understand status of this mod (abandoned or still WIP) but anyway:

    1) Felena has grey face issue for me. It could be on my side but I DONT have any female overhauls (like WICO and stuff) or mods changing vampire appearance or mods changing facetint records and so on. Only skin texture replacer and that’s all. Other vampire NPCs are fine (like that guy in the Bard’s college, he’s absolutely fine).

    I took a quick look at facegendata nif and facetint mask and didnt find any suspicions. May be I’ll dig deeper next time

    2) I sided with Olivia and went to that tower (Radiant Dark lair) to eliminate them all: As soon as I save (no matter quicksave or normal save) inside and try to load the game without exiting to main menu I get a message that the save is corrupted. However when I exit to main menu and then try to load it, I get a message that ‘Mods are enabled, achievement disabled, want to continue?’ like I’m starting a new game, but the save itself loads absolutely fine.

    If I complete the quest without saving/loading inside the tower and save after I exit it, the save is completely fine without any weird stuff.

  46. I’m not sure how, but through trial and error it seems as though Interesting NPCs is making my game load incredibly slowly. SSE is installed on an SSD and without this mod, it loads very quickly, but when it’s installed it’s like minute + or even infinite load screens. I can’t fast travel, period, because it’s always infinite load screen no matter where I am, or am going. I’m going to reinstall SSE completely as soon as I get a chance but presently I had uninstalled every other mod but that one, and the long loads had persisted until I took out Interesting NPCs. It was literally the last to go because I <3 it so much. :( Could it be related to being loose files vs. a bsa?

  47. Would it be possible for a RSSE Children Overhaul patch? It really sucks to use RSSE and see children from 3DNPC having a dark skinned adult head.

  48. Sasha Kelly wrote: I wanted to let you know that you can save this in the 64bit CK. The problem are the books inside labeled “QA.” They are full of unnecessary characters (for translations I gather?) and will cause the CK to crash. Empty those out/rewrite them and you can save it and pack it up for SSE :)

    Wonder if you or some other player could run this through the newest Nif Optimizer, then use the cleaning mentioned above, then save it all and post it somewhere we could download?

    1. Has anyone had experience running the Loose File Alpha with a heavy mod list? I would love to hear some feedback on compatibility. Two main current concerns:

      1) Regarding RK Children and other face editors (e.g. WICO) – Patches are required on Oldrim, I’m guessing that with loose Alpha 3DNPC will simply override changes for certain characters?

      2) AI Immersive Citizens – Single biggest worry as it changes all vanilla AI behaviour. Technically loose Alpha will override certain sequences and cause a mess right? Anyone confirmed the two play nicely together?

      APRIL UPDATE: SSE Alpha running fine on my current mod list: full notes here: http://3dnpc.com/forums/topic/current-status-of-sse-version-of-3dnpc/#post-40162

      1. Hey, so i can just download your repack of the mod and install it with NMM, and i’m good to go?
        If you did what i think you did, you’re a life saver.
        Also, do you think it will conflict with the SSE version of Immersive AI?
        thank you mate

      2. It’s working. Nice job and thank you very, very much. Stragne NPC’s with strange problems (eg. doppelganger case) I’m coming!

      3. Just so you know, S’vashni has invisible armor with this repack. She’s just floating head :) Probably something wrong with mesh conversion. I reverted to original, still using your esp though.

      4. Hi Comaug, does your repack address the post by Jonathan from back in November? I was having the same problem with a guaranteed CTD outside of Honeystrand Cave near Ivarstead. After going through all of my mods, I narrowed it down to 3DNPC. Here is the original post: “I noticed while doing some troubleshooting that there were three separate copies of the 3dnpc.esp folder in meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegometry merging them all into one folder fixed my crashing issue outside of honeystrand grove (I’ve also ran the nif optimizer and fixed world space issues with SE TES5edit) hope this helps someone!”

        1. I just checked in Meshes\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom and there are 3 folders:
          3DNPC (2).esp
          3DNPC (122).esp

          This can’t be right. Any idea what’s causing this?

  49. Hi! found a bug with the quest “The radiant Dark” (SPOILERS)

    when the final fight starts, Olivia runs away (both sides)
    Also, If you choose to fool her, killing her won’t progress the quest

    1. Thank you for the report David, please could you submit this directly to Chris using the ‘Bug Report’ category on this form page: http://3dnpc.com/ask-question/

      Also, if you could provide more information on your mod build it would be helpful.

      I will bear this in mind for my own playthrough, could be useful to know.

  50. I’m getting a CTD near Dawnstar (on the way from Hela’s Folly to Dawnstar actually). I’ve tested it with no other mods, just Alternate Start and Interesting NPCs, and it crashes in that area.

  51. Hi!
    Not sure why but my suddenly all my INPC characters have the dark face bug, strange since it was working flawlessly beforehand.
    I’ve tried changing the load order – didn’t work.
    Tried reinstalling – didn’t work.

    Any ideas?

  52. For the life of me, I just can’t download this from Mediafire. The bandwith it gives me is beyond pathetic. It says it’ll take 15 hours to download? Seriously?

  53. For anyone who might be interested, I have Repacked Camaug’s Repack. I did this because of concerns over those multiple 3Dnpc.esp folders, which I have merged into one folder. Thus far, it has been working very well, see this thread for details:

    Process for INPCs Alpha in SE ???

    I also strongly encourage people to read this thread. Cato gives some very important advice on things like using Wrye Bash: http://3dnpc.com/forums/topic/current-status-of-sse-version-of-3dnpc/#post-40162

    Here is a link to the Repack I created. It includes the Hotfix; however, if for some reason you still have issues with Henrietta Entius’ face, try installing the patch after the repack.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Sonja Reid! I feel I came back to Skyrim SE at the right time! I am really glad I checked on here to see about Interesting NPCs, cause thanks to you I found out about The Kids Are Alright SE. Thanks again for all the effort and for sharing it! =)

  54. Hi,
    Using Alternate Start LA and Improved Closefaced Helmets there is a bug with Fjonas Familiar, who spawns in the Abandoned Prison. It doesn’t have proper Facegendata, so it crashes when the game tries to load it.
    Oddly enough, without the closefaced helmets mod, you would never notice this bug because the original helmets didn’t load skin partitions. Since Improved Closefaced Helmets does, this issue becomes far more prevalent. And Fjonas Familiar isn’t the only one to cause this issue in the repack of Interesting NPC’s SSE.

    The solution is to load the mod in Creation Kit and to create new Facegendata for this NPC. I did it for all of them, as there were about 50 NPC’s with this glitch.
    It took me some time so I made a .rar which I share with you here. Feel free to use it, upload it on the patch section or anything of course, this is why I write this message.

    Thank you for your work, and wish you the best!

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