Tales from the Commonwealth v2.1


Here’s a new version with some affinity dialogue for R4-04, and some likes to Audrey in preparation for more affinity dialogue for her as well. There’s also a new quest which you can start by talking to one of the three Brotherhood of Steel soldiers that were added to the Boston Airport. One of them will now have a name, Paladin Brend.  Another new encounter has been added to the area south of Gorski’s cabin as well.

Tales From the Commonwealth – DOWNLOAD v2.1

Changelog from v2.0:

  • Added miscellaneous quest A Soldier’s Duty
  • Added encounter Von Trapp to area south of Gorski’s Cabin
  • Added likes to Audrey – Drinking alcohol, being nice to people
  • Added R4-04’s 750 affinity conversation
  • Added more generic idle commentary to Birdie and R4-04
  • Added eyepatches and top hats courtesy of Wulfharth and The Road to Liberty Team
  • Fixed issue where Dogmeat and other unvoiced companions would say an unvoiced idle for Vincent when in feral ghoul territory
  • Fixed issue where if player accessed Cain’s jail terminal in Federal Ration Stockpile prior to starting the quest, the quest would erroneously advance
  • Fixed Audrey’s 500 affinity conversation in instances where the player didn’t ask her to “Tell me about yourself” when they first met

Full Changelog:


Changelog from v1.9:

  • Added NPC encounter Ghoul Whale Hunters
  • Added Birdie karaoke scene
  • Added more generic location commentary to R4-04 and Birdie
  • Fixed Audrey’s gift of wine, previously was asking player to drink her ribeye steaks
  • Lowered volume on Audrey’s combat dialogue
  • Fixed R4-04’s location commentary not to reset every 24 hours. As a result, in previous versions, commentary had to be accessed via “Your Thoughts?” question or via random idle
  • Removed erroneous condition on Brotherhood of Steel trio that would prevent scenes from playing until BoS questline was nearly finished
  • Maisie – Removed from Institute faction which caused her to go hostile
  • Maisie – Fixed condition that resulted in player asking other NPCs if they were sick instead of just Maisie

Changelog from v1.8:

  • Added NPC encounter Maisie to Diamond City
  • Added NPC encounter Pence to University Point Credit Union
  • Added NPC encounter Watcher to metal shack north of Boston Airport near East City Downs
  • Added new companion quest interjections
  • Added more post quest and post romance dialogue to companions (greets, relationship status)
  • Amelia’s Espresso – Added possibility of Lana Lafferty doing multiple routines before sitting
  • Amelia’s Espresso – Added performance from R4 and Audrey (Birdie to come)
  • Human Nature – Raised level cap and level multiplier for hostiles
  • Added new cloned races for edited NPC races to help with compatibility with other race changing mods
  • Fixed issue where Automatron robots would access Sadie’s brothel dialogue when recruited without companion
  • Fixed line of dialogue where R4 used Birdie’s voice (for sure this time)
  • Under the Bridge – Fixed issue where new bartender wasn’t enabled if previous bartender was killed
  • Sanctuary – Fixed issue where potential suspects were enabled prior to quest start, which may have resulted in them dying and breaking the chain of events

Changelog from v1.7:

  • Fixed prompts to be properly capitalized, previous versions didn’t account for mods and assumed all prompts were all-caps
  • Indecent Exposure – Fixed Noon priest’s clue to imply the correct number of apostles and headstones
  • Auction House – Fixed issue where junk items weren’t being given to the player after winning auction
  • Auction House – Removed bounty amount when committing crimes
  • House that Bruce Built – Fixed Charisma check to check player’s charisma instead of Bruce’s
  • Love and Peace – Fixed unvoiced “Howdy” from Crystal Moonbeam
  • Love and Peace – Added an objective to attend Crystal’s funeral
  • Love and Peace – Removed unvoiced line in scene between Cosmos and Starchild
  • Fairline Hills Drunk – Fixed issue where drunk would walk away during conversation (Needed a stay put package)
  • Human Nature – Fixed issue where R4-04 would walk away during initial conversation (Needed a stay put package)
  • A Pair of Jacks – Fixed objective marker to point to bounty board if Ghost hasn’t been met yet
  • Paradise Bay – Fixed objective “Return to Singh” showing early if door to lab lockpicked before given key
  • Paradise Bay – Added additional workers

Changelog from v1.6:

  • Added alpha quest Paradise Bay
  • Patriots – added classic handegg uniforms by FlipDark95
  • Added NPC encounter Lost Libertalia Raider
  • Added NPC encounter Diamond City Reporter and Busker
  • Added Crabber and Son to fishing pier northwest of Witchcraft Museum
  • Love and Peace – Added Virgil’s 3 Day timer script to quest, so player no longer has to enter modded cell to trigger next phase of the quest, 72 hours is all it takes
  • Saints and Sinners – Fixed line from Cue being skipped when player hands them a note
  • Saints and Sinners – Fixed failsafe greet for Cue if forcegreet fails after receiving note (version 1.6 introduced bug where base dialogue was prioritized over quest dialogue)
  • Picket Fences – Fixed quest objective to point to Doc Crocker’s terminal and not Joe
  • Under the Bridge – Fixed wrong ingredients message to correctly display after multiple failed attempts
  • Under the Bridge – Fixed issue where finishing Antoinette’s room too quickly would leave leftover radiation because Audrey’s prep advice scene fails to finish
  • Under the Bridge – Fixed first aid kit being opened automatically instead of being clicked on
  • Great Green Jewel – Fixed issue where Brennan would award the player 2500 caps instead of 100
  • Great Green Jewel – Fixed issue where entering Boston Library from a separate entrance instead of the intended meetup would force you to go back to Copley station to continue
  • Great Green Jewel – Removed sandox furniture in unused portion of the cells which NPCs were teleporting to, trapping them inside and causing them to go missing
  • Like a Goodneighbor – Fixed the inventory name for Fred Allen’s chem stash, previously said Solomon
  • Like a Goodneighbor – Fixed issue where if player picked up ghoul mask before talking to Black Eye Bobby, the quest would not progress
  • Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots – Altered cheering crowd to cheer immediately, removing potential lag time caused by game waiting to start animations.
  • Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots – Fixed issue where killing Bobby and the crew would leave the quest stuck in your journal

Changelog from v1.5:

  • Picket Fences – Fixed issue where the quest would never load unless a non-Dogmeat Companion was in your party when a save was first loaded; changed Companion to optional
  • Picket Fences – Changed Post Office cabinet to be lockpick-able, if note is read prior to quest it will do nothing until quest is at the appropriate juncture
  • Added Audrey’s companion interjections to Great Green Jewel, Picket Fences, and A Pair of Jacks

Changelog from v1.4:

  • Added quest The Great Green Jewel
  • Added quest Picket Fences
  • Added quest A Pair of Jacks
  • Added Birdie and R4-04’s companion interjections to Great Green Jewel, Picket Fences, and A Pair of Jacks
  • Added random encounter Hail Oh Hail Oh Infantry
  • Added three Brotherhood of Steel NPCs at Boston Airport
  • Added “Likes” to R4-04 to help push affinity along faster
  • Fixed MHDT and MLEV changes removed by older versions of xEdit
  • Fixed Robot Clinic entrance so it’s not blocking the Mechanist Lair’s exit
  • Altered Birdie’s generic idles to fire while traveling as opposed to only when in conversation
  • Fixed “Get to know you better” line where R4-04 uses Birdie’s voice
  • Atom’s Glow – Fixed issue where clearing Mass Disposal of mutants before meeting the cult would improperly advance the quest
  • Human Nature – Fixed objective to speak to R4-04 not completing

Changelog from v1.3:

  • Added 29 new generic idles for Birdie
  • Fixed bad condition on Birdie’s post-romance “How’s our relationship” dialogue
  • Another bowling alley was found west of Libertalia. I must’ve been drunk with the CTRL+V button when I copy/pasted the one in East City Downs. This time I combed through FO4edit and didn’t find another one, but I’ll likely be seeing them in my sleep. If you see any in your travels, let me know.

Changelog from v1.2:

  • One of the greets for R4-04 used to clear the affinity forcegreet referenced the wrong stage and as a result never cleared, thus blocking the greet for her companion quest

Changelog from v1.1:

  • When I “fixed” Birdie’s Affinity conversation, I messed up the condition. So instead of not firing, it fired right away. Fixed to only fire if stage 500 of f3DNPC_ComBirdie is done (stage is triggered at 1000 max affinity)

Changelog from v1:

  • New R4-04 companion quest “Human Nature”
  • Removed duplicated Bowling Alley near the USS Constitution
  • Fixed Birdie’s final 1000 affinity conversation to properly trigger (he was forcegreeting endlessly but the dialogue was improperly conditioned)
  • Fixed an instance where neutral question led to negative response and vice versa in Three Little Wastelanders
  • Fixed Birdie generic idles to have higher priority than base idles
  • Fixed Birdie’s “Travel with me?” responses so they don’t loop to his initial conversation
  • Fixed a handful of Audrey’s action-based commentary that was in the wrong section
  • Added failsafe to stop affinity based forcegreets

Full Cast and Credits:



Meshes and Textures

  • Ghoul mask by 1ndajone5
  • Feral ghoul mask by FlipDark95
  • Football uniforms by FlipDark95
  • Slinky black dress by Elianora
  • Widow Jane Bottle by 1ndajone5
  • Eyepatches by Wulfharth and Road to Liberty Team
  • Top hats by Wulfharth


  • Reznore
  • 1ndajone5
  • Elianora
  • Bigcowfeet
  • Damndirtycasual

Voice Acting

Full Exposure

Sinners and Saints

You’ve Got Mail

  • Mechanic/Handyperson – Marion Toro
  • Postman – Bigcowfeet

Radio Raiders

Three Little Wastelanders

  • Wolf – Matthew Dixon
  • Carlos – Jessica Osborne
  • Annie – Ginger Roll
  • Franz – James McLauchlan

Love and Peace

  • Cozmos -Bigcowfeet
  • Crystal Moonbeam –Zillac
  • Earthstone – Will Handford
  • Starchild – Marion Toro
  • Gary -Mike Foble

Extra NPCs

  • Birdie – BearofZeus
  • Ghost – Will Handford
  • Johnny Friendly – Joseph Landis
  • Minuteman Deserter – CK MacNamara
  • Drunk – Ivy Dupler
  • Crash – Ivy Dupler
  • Old Bus Lady – Lila Paws
  • Lynn – Anna Castiglioni
  • Garrett – Jeff Werden
  • Fisherman – James McLauchlan
  • Farmer – Lila Paws
  • Crabber – Spacefiddle
  • Crabber’s Son – Matthew Dixon
  • Maisie – Annarose Fogler
  • Pence – Will Handford
  • UFO Watcher – Bigcowfeet
  • Ghoul Whale Hunters – Kyle Brannan
  • Von Trapp – Kyle Brannan
  • Ludwick – Fairfield Fencer

Robot Medical Clinic

Under the Bridge

  • Audrey – Natalie Proudlock
  • Mr. Handy – FairfieldFencer
  • Margaret – Ginger Roll
  • Father – James McLauchlan
  • Arthur – FairfieldFencer

Atom Cats

  • Atom Cat – Jessica Osborne

Jet Fueled

  • Rabbit – Ivy Dupler
  • Virus – J.T. Decker
  • Slim – Mike Foble

Commonwealth Karaoke

  • Stand-Up Comic – Ivy Dupler
  • Ghoul Crooner – James McLauchlan
  • Bartender – J.T. Decker
  • Mama Mabel – Ginger Roll

The House that Bruce Built

  • The Pin – Matt Leonen
  • Strike – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)
  • Washout – Adoxographist
  • Teddy – Crys Blue
  • Bench Coach – Will Handford
  • Catcher -Giramor
  • Fast Pitch Fannie – Anna Castiglioni
  • Baseballers – BearofZeus
  • Bruce – Roksys


  • Clarissa – Ash Eluned
  • Grogan/Gronk – James McLauchlan
  • Skinny – Nathan Suhara

European Immigrants

  • Ghoul 1A – Alice Bell
  • Ghoul 1B -Mike Foble
  • Ghoul 2 – James McLauchlan
  • Aaron – Will Handford
  • Cecylia – Viridiane

Atom’s Glow

  • Father Malcolm – Bigcowfeet
  • Emily – Kelly Camelio
  • Doctor Feldman – Bigcowfeet
  • Brother Jacob – J.T. Decker

Human Nature

  • R4-04 – Alice Bell
  • Overseer – Noi Sek

Picket Fences

  • Sanctuary Joe – Joseph Landis

Hail Oh Hail Oh Infantry

  • Brick – Pat Sabourin
  • Commie – Viridiane
  • Joker – Roksys
  • Anchorage – J.T. Decker
  • Chorus – John Crosthwaite

The Great Green Jewel

  • Brennan – CK MacNamara
  • Derrick – Matthew Dixon
  • Sophie – Lila Paws

A Pair of Jacks

  • Selfless Jack – Will Handford
  • Selfish Jack – Will Handford
  • Bounty Hunter – Will Handford
  • Arthur Dean – Mason Quinn

A Soldier’s Duty

  • Paladin Brend – Jessica Osborne
  • BoS Soldier #1 – BearofZeus
  • BoS Soldier #2 – Josh F
  • BoS Soldier #3 – Spacefiddle

Paradise Bay

  • Doctor Singh – PotasticPanda
  • Gomez – Will Handford
  • Nilesh Singh – J.T. Decker
  • Harvey – Matthew Dixon
  • Rick – James McLauchlan
  • John – James McLauchlan
  • Jeff – Jeff Wereden
  • Josh – J.T. Decker
  • Beth – Alice Bell
  • Craig – Michael Kennedy
  • Alex – Michael Kennedy


18 thoughts on “Tales from the Commonwealth v2.1

    1. Just being a member of the Brotherhood of Steel faction. I can remove that if it makes sense for your charcacter, just didn’t seem to given it’s a BoS task.

      Not sure if the dialogue outright says you’re a member, but I do think there’s some implication if you dismiss her task as trivial that it’s not something a proper soldier would do, or she’ll report you to Captain Kellis yada yada.

      I suppose I can make an alternate line for non-Bros of Steel.

        1. View post on imgur.com

          Only other condition is not having done stage 40 (because stage 40 starts the quest). You can check this by typing SQS f3DNPC_BoSNPC_quest in the console. Of course, had you done stage 40, the next line would show up anyway “So, any news on that patrol?”

          The other thing to make sure is a scene isn’t playing between the three, which would make her “Busy.” Then you have to wait for the scene to finish before clicking on her.

        2. In other words, more info would be needed when you say “can’t start the quest”

          Is she not saying the above line?
          Is the line and conversation playing but the quest doesn’t start
          Is she busy (stuck in a scene)?
          Does she say her normal greets like “Ad Victoriam?” or doesn’t talk at all?

          SQV f3DNPC_BosNPC_quest and scrolling up would also tell you if her alias filled. Is there a RefID next to her name? If not, the game failed to fill the aliases and the quest will not run. I can force them in next version. More resource intensive, but more reliable.

          1. Ah, not enough info, of course.
            Rather, a combination of the 3, the trio seems to be speeding through scenes constantly, and when spammed, she just provides the normal greets.

            Looking at SQV, there are REFs listed for ‘BosGuard01’ -2, 3, but none listed for ghoul or Companion

            Also, admittedly silly at this juncture, but thanks for your quick replies, and the work you put into every update.

  1. Well when translating the dialogues I found a problem. Why you and your friends still use (short dialogue+long complete dialogue)style? It will cost you twice energy to tape these words and many players don’t like it. What about both lines all long complete dialogue like old style? Thx!

    1. The short prompts help add specificity.

      For example, the Auction house when making a bid. The text prompts tell you the amount you’re bidding.

      While in most cases it’s irrelevant, there are times I used the text prompt as a tool to add additional context. It’s incredibly helpful when dealing with a voiced protagonist, and doesn’t require much energy at all. Twice of next to nothing is still practically nothing.

      The complete dialogue line also looks weird on teh companion wheel. If you really want the full string of text, try the Full Dialogue Interface patch.

  2. This looks awesome… But before installing I’d like to know about some specifics (they’re not addressed on the Nexus either):
    1- Do I need Bethesda DLCs ? I already have Far Harbor, and I don’t want to buy the other DLCs. I’m asking because many other mods assume that either you have all the DLC’s, either you have none (nothing in the middle).
    2- I guess that the mod works as fine in Survival mode? For that matter, are there enough beds and/or sleeping bags around?
    3- Do I need to finish the main quest line before jumping into this? When is the best moment?


  3. Hey there, currently playing this and loving it so far, in fact I plan to create a video look/review of this and post it on youtube. I’m calling it After the End: Fallout 4 Tales of the Commonwealth. It’s a series that looks at quests mods and other stuff to do after everyone is done with the games vanilla content. I’m in the process of recording some footage from the mod. I had some questions though about some behind the scenes stuff.

    So I’m guessing you’re using a lot of rehashed and cut dialog from Delaney and Taylor. Are you cut quests that goes with the dialog or are these quests from scratch or is it a little of both?

    Obviously you put a lot of time and care into the voice work in your mods, so how many lines of new recorded dialog are we looking at, and how much time did it take to put all that together?

    Finally is there anything you’d like me to mention, or look out for when making my vid?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Cool, oh wait, now I remember that other question I wanted to ask.

        Now I’m sure you get this one a lot, but it’s still helpful for me to ask….

        Given the quality of acting in your mods, I was wondering, do you have a professional background in voicework?

  4. Just a heads-up, the subtitles of Von Trapp’s dialogue inaccurately refer to him as a woman:

    View post on imgur.com

    Also, I got a notification that the Belcher’s Cave distress signal was picked up during character creation, before entering the vault. Is this intentional? I feel that the most immersive way of handling this quest would be to only be able to pick up the signal within a certain radius of the cave, similarly to the Brotherhood’s distress broadcast from Cambridge Police Station.

  5. I just noticed that boston bordello is showing as a settlement on my map (with 28 settlers and 80% happiness) yet there doesnt seem to be a workbench. is this intended or just some weird mod conflict?

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